Back to School week…

I couldn’t resist sharing this blunt card – it cracks me up. I do NOT hate my job, not any of them but Monday has been a harsh lady this week so I thought I’d spread a bit of humor and go look for some bright spots.

A super fun bright spot? School crafting! In truth? Kindergarten started a few weeks ago for us, it’s really not “back to school” anymore as we enter week #3. We’re LOVING both school + the fabulous teacher E has, and all is going along fantastically.

Guess who signed up to help with the class scrapbooks? This girl! YOU KNOW IT!! 🙂

So why am I choosing now to talk about school stuff? Well, I’ve been gathering materials, cruising on-line shops and manufacturer sites, and getting together a whole lot of back-to-school inspired ideas and projects and fun to share at Scrapbook Update. The first article is up, and we’re just getting warmed up! I’ve got more, more, more coming your way.

I love the finger-inking-masking title work I did on this page – I’ve been doing this for years! Still love it.

Stay tuned – I’ll post more links to future articles or you can also get the latest by checking out

9 thoughts on “Back to School week…”

  1. I really like the new line “Making the Grade” esp. the 3D stickers and I’ve decided to keep grunge for those high school pages…I have boys so that is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love your layout, and good article on Scrapbook Update! I’m ready to run out and buy some school-themed paper, even though my oldest won’t be in school for another 2 years!

  3. Fun! We have a little one in the family who is ‘so ready’ too – school starts next week for him. Have you got any pocket pages to show us? I’ve been meaning to scrap my own class photos from the 60’s, and want to include my report cards with the layouts.

  4. I hope you share what you do with scrapbooks at school. Last year I did a small page a month with the students in preschool. It was simple yet fun …. the parents got a little book to take home a the end of the year. I was thinking about doing something like this again this year but I have 3 kindergarteners in 2 classes … that’s a lot of kids to make stuff with. hmmmm …. Love that layout on scrapbook update … I’m so doing the fingerprint ink title idea!

  5. Please share with us (if you can) the stuff you do at school. So glad your DD has settled in well. Off to check out Scrapbook Update!

  6. Golly – all those parents are going to love you doing the scrapbook for the class. Nobody will ever want to do it again and remember that’s your job now for the next 12 years! In High School you’ll be teaching the class how to make their own for English.

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