Let’s crop, ok?

Scrap Again (www.scrapagain.com) crop 9/11 in Vacaville, CA

I went to one of this company’s crops back in March and thought it was great! FINALLY I have a date that lines up with the family schedule + my work schedule that I can get some fun crop time in and I’m excited. If you’d like to join me the details and everything can be found here: www.scrapagain.com

The crop is in Vacaville, CA and I will likely be there in AM first thing and leave around dinner time. I don’t have any affiliation with these ladies – just wanted to tell y’all that I’ll be there + if you come be sure to tell them to sit you with me!! Let’s party!!

PS – I want to go to a www.scrapbookterritory.com crop soon too… here’s hoping I can work something out!

7 thoughts on “Let’s crop, ok?”

  1. May , I wish vacaville was a bit closer. Berkeley isn’t quite as far so please let me know about any upcoming
    crops at Scrapbook Territory. Although, they have so many fun items there it could be a dangerous outing
    for me. Have a great week. Thank you for your clever
    blogs – you remind me to laugh. be well, Robin

  2. Ah May-I couldn’t think of anything more fun than to sit next to you and crop. Between you and I, we could probably solve world peace by the time we were done! Enjoy though 🙂

  3. Vacaville is only about 45 minutes away from me. I would love to meet you. I just signed up for your Scrap Your Stash class at BPS. Although your style is very different from mine, I find you such a source of inspiration and always learn a little something from you. Since I don’t have any friends that scrapbook, maybe a crop is just the thing I need!

  4. Man now I’m regretting telling my husband I never want to live in California LOL.

    Wish I was closer would love to spend some time cropping with you.

    Hope you have a great time and can’t wait to see what you get done.

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