Entertainment 8/3: kid edition

The kids have been getting the majority of the entertainment these days, just thought I’d share…

I think I watched Rainbow Brite 10,000 times (the ‘star stealer’ movie, especially) and so when I thought of it, I knew I had to see if Netflix had it for the girls. To date we’ve had the movie 3 weeks and the girls choose it almost daily as their movie break/treat… they freak on it. LOVE it. Pretend they’re the various characters (I usually have to be bad guys murky & lurky). It’s fun to re-visit this favorite of my youth and see them enjoy it so.

Our last trip to the movies was Despicable Me. Enjoyed by all – it had some great lines and Rebecca was especially in love with the minions. She wants a minion for her birthday, but the only ones I’ve seen for sale are INSANELY expensive.

thought: Target how about you sell just a few less Toy Story items, get some variety. Maybe a few minions!!! Not that we didn’t LOVE Toy Story 3, just that the market is way over saturated with toys from it at the moment. I expect it’ll stay that way until after Christmas.

What’s next?

We’re currently in negotiations over Cats & Dogs. I admit the first wasn’t bad… but did we really need another one? And can I please wait for video? The children say no, it’s VITAL to their happiness to see it, and I caved. It was bad. I felt sorry for Chris O’Donnell who played the main human role. *shudder* The children, however, assure me it was AWESOME and now wonder if our dog is a secret agent of some sort.

That’s all the fun I can handle for one week – until next time, have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Entertainment 8/3: kid edition”

  1. I promised my nephew I’d take him to see Cats and Dogs II but I’m not doing it if it’s in 3D. And Rainbow Bright Rocks!

  2. My daughter loved Rainbow Brite when she was little. She the dolls and all kinds of stuff. Haven’t seen Despicable Me yet but looking forward to it. Cats and Dogs uh probably not

  3. DS wants to see Cats and Dogs too … it really doesn’t look like much too me but the ads for it are everywhere

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