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There’s nothing like a truly great, unexpected email to lift my spirits. Just as I was feeling utterly defeated, exhausted, and wanting to just go sleep for days I got this email from Jennifer. She reminds me that IT IS SO IMPORTANT to do our own thing, to be vocal about it too. Being a mean girl or putting others down is so NOT the way to go – and standing up and cheering for the happy, the positive, and the good is a much better route. That making things your own way – and making sure to lift up and encourage others is the way to go too. She said I could share her email and some of her (AWESOME) layouts too. Here you go…

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the inspiration you provide both on your blog and in your classes at BPS.  Just this morning I was watching a debate on another site about 2 page scrappers vs 1 page scrappers and I was seriously disheartened to hear so many of the women say that they think that one is better than the other and we should try to change those who scrapbook differently than we do.  I appreciate that you have such a nice balance of both types of layouts and styles in your classes.  You actually made me like doing 2 pagers again a few years ago and now I have both in my albums.  It just makes me sad that there are those out there that make fun of or in some way try to demean those who enjoy making 2 page, event-based layouts.  I am honestly love to see women telling their stories, saving their memories, and being creative in any form they choose.  So I just wanted to say thank you for how you show us in the scrappy world all types of layouts and styles!  I have thoroughly enjoyed camp scrap and I think I have done 15 layouts so far!  WOW!  That is amazing for me with 3 little crazies at home right now.

You tell it sister!! For real – why would anybody put someone else down for what/how they scrapbook? There have GOT to be better things to do than that, and I happily stand among those who believe in having fun and just enjoying. Honestly? I think Jennifer has mad passion and skill for this hobby, and I feel honored that in some tiny way I played a part in her being productive this summer. Thanks for letting me share your note Jennifer – and thanks for being such a positive scrapbooker!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jennifer’s lovely email and beautiful LOs. I don’t see why someone would care what someone else puts in their albums! It’s just silly to me!

    As I said to you on Skype though last week I have loved Camp Scrap and the variety of LOs you have had for us. Even though all your LOs are beautiful, they are not too “out of the box” or “techniquey” for us ordinary scrappers. I love that you have given step by step instructions and also showed so many photos and close-ups of your LOs

    And I love the variety of other scrappers who showed techniques and LOs as well

  2. Some people must have too much time on their hands, and an unusually large need to be right. I’d much rather spend my time actually scrapbooking, than judging someone else’s. Or, how about encouraging someone in their efforts to express themself.

  3. May, the thing I loved most about Camp Scrap was your enthusiasm for getting stories told and photos on the page, whatever size. I didn’t manage as many layouts as I would have liked (maybe 5 or 6) but they included two double spreads using photos I’ve had lying around for years, and I would not have got around to doing those were it not for Camp Scrap. Thanks so much for what you do!

  4. I’ve been scrapbooking for over ten years but still consider myself a beginner. There are lots of products I don’t have or don’t use or don’t know how to use. I read Jennifer’s email and I couldn’t believe there is a “war” on between scrapbookers. I has no ideas that this hobby had so many “rules”. As the first commentor said – who cares what someone else does to preserve their stories and their memories. I am constantly inspired by other people’s work but I may or may not ever reproduce it. I loved my Camp Scrap experience and look forward to more classes to keep me motivated. I love your work May and look forward to seeing more of it.

  5. Personally, I don’t get it!

    I mean, it’s scrapbooking. Have fun, smile, and enjoy. Period. It’s no skin off my nose if someone wants to be different or look at things a way unlike my own. BUT – then again in life in general there are those people who feel the need to stick their noses in, try to regulate, try to ‘say’ what is and isn’t ok…

    I suspect those people, in scrapbooking, make up rules and cliques and try to make others miserable. Sad, no?

    So I just do my thing, am open about it, and encourage all to enjoy.

  6. Hi May,
    I just wanted to take some time here to thank you for the inspiration you gave us on the Camp Scrap. I wished I had more time to play but due to my work load, I only had the chance to contribute a little to the class. I want to revisit this again maybe around winter in Canada when I have more time to do scrapping and not worry about gardening at all. It’s been fun playing along with the Fun and Games and as I said before, I am so impressed as to how you oranized this class. Easy to follow and very inspiring. The way it was set up on line was even more impressive and not to mention the Skype feature although I didn’t really haved the chance to join in. You didn’t disappoint us and I mad the right choise to join the class. Thank you so much and I wish you and yours all the best.
    with my heartfel gratitude,

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