new music.

I’ve had an ipod for 9 months now. It has under 200 songs on it. Why? Well I don’t want to make hasty purchases, and I have a TIGHT budget I give myself each month. I am really into it though – I mean really. I edit my “gym mix” (25songs) every week. I’m always looking for new stuff too. Not to mention old favorites.

What is my point? Well recently I’ve found a few new favorites and I thought I’d share since 3 of the 4 I didn’t find off the radio!

Sasha posted about her on facebook – I’m so glad! I loooove the sound of you’re the one by Dondria.

Sara Bareilles has a new single King of Anything and I’m digging it. It’s upbeat enough for gym, also good for my craft/housework playlist. score.

can’t touch this by Ricki-Lee I heard first on a SATC2 trailer. I skipped the movie, but I like the song. It’s a triple threat. Girls are crazy about it, I like listening to it for crafting/housework, AND it’s a great ‘gym song’.

Who is Marie Digby and where did her (cuuute pic) + her song say it again?! I have NO memory of buying this song last week… but I obviously was thinking smart – I love it.

I am always on the lookout for upbeat, happy, and fun songs. I’m still tweaking my “ultimate gym mix” – but I’ll have to share where I’m at soon. My requirements for those songs isn’t about ‘favorite’, it’s about what gets me motivated and keeps me sweating.

So I ask – where do you find new music? Or do you just rely on the radio? According to Rebecca “break your heart” (Taio Cruz) is the best song, period. Elizabeth leans towards Hey Soul Sister (Train)… and both believe the Black Eyed Peas to be THE BEST.

I should be scrapbooking some of this…

2 thoughts on “new music.”

  1. You skipped SATC2? Have to say while I enjoyed the movie, I didn’t love the soundtrack enough to search out any of the music from it. Call me a diehard country girl…

    I know you’re not a Gleek (fan of “Glee”) but I have to say hands down it’s the best music for getting me movin’ and shakin’. I cannot listen to anything off those albums – of which I now have 4 – without some or all parts of my body moving.

    For new music, I read reviews on Amazon which I find surprisingly accurate, and also magazine reviews when I’m at the hairdresser (I don’t buy a lot of mags myself). Sometimes a tune in a movie will speak to me, sometimes I’ll hear a new to me artist at a friend’s house. Most of what’s on my iPod is stuff I’d loaded from CD’s I already own; I don’t buy a lot of digital music.

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