Ready for camp? {faq, info, project!}

Camp Scrap starts over at Big Picture Scrapbooking in about 10 days!! SOOO excited for it, and I hope you are too if you’re joining in. Today I wanted to share a few things related to class. First – some FAQ’s I’ve been getting:

1. The layouts I share will be 12×12, both single and double page spreads during class.

2. You are never required to do exactly as I do, nor do you need any specific products to have fun and join in class. All of the assignments are optional (for example, you don’t HAVE to try paint spattering or a certain sketch or journaling prompt!) – they’re there to inspire you to create! Any scrapbooking is good scrapbooking in camp scrap! 6×6, 8 1/2 x 11, or anything else you desire!!

3. is where you can learn about what you need (headset is best – but I know some use microphone) to set that up. Once you’re on skype (or if you already have it) be sure to add me as a friend/connection so that you can see if I’m on-line! Just please mention class so I know why you’re wanting to connect.  This is a purely optional aspect of class – I just thought it would be fun to give students the chance to 1-on-1 chat with me from here in my studio. (FYI – starting TODAY if you see me on-line on skype feel free to call!!)

4. Yes, class materials remain accessible forever and I’ve even built in a bonus 5th week of class (without prompts – just some fun & prizes!) to give you more class experience time in case you’re on vacation during class at another time or just want more.

If you’ve got any more questions ALWAYS feel free to ask me here or via e-mail. I welcome them – and there is no question too small or simple. I’m always happy to hear from you.

So, now onto some fun information + a project!

What do the products I used on this project have in common? Well, Tim Holtz, Kaiser Craft, Tattered Angels, Scrapbook Adhesives, and GCD Studios all have prize give-aways during class!! I was using some of my favorite things this morning to make a father’s day photo in a frame. Here’s how:

I used the ChipArt tools (these are fabulous – AND guess what? GCD Studios is generously giving away a prize pack that includes the tool!) to pound my letters and a bunch of butterflies into the chipboard frame. If you’d like how-to and more info on this tool you can check my review here, and to buy any of Melody’s stuff I can’t recommend Artsy Findings enough! You can find all these goodies and so much more over there.

I didn’t take photos of the process (wet fingers!) but I first applied cream acrylic paint (LOVE the color and feel of Kaiser Craft’s paint for this) and then some of Tattered Angels glimmer mists, chalkboard mist, and other colors and mediums until I liked the result. Once done, I sprayed the whole frame down with Dazzling Diamonds (my fave glimmer mist right now!) to add another layer of sparkle & shine. Lucky for me, it’s a scorching hot day and so just a few minutes in the sun and my frame was dry and ready for it’s photo!

After I added the photo I covered the back with patterned paper and roughly cut away (with my Tim Holtz scissors, of course!) the excess so that from the front no paper or photo would show around edges. DO NOT worry about perfect here – just work roughly and we’ll fix it up later!

Now here’s where I had a moment of genius (to me, at least!) I wanted to have a piece of paper on the back folded to be the ‘stand’ so that I didn’t have to mount my frame onto anything else. First I folded a piece of patterned paper into a triangle and folded the excess over and taped it down (with my handy dandy E-Z Tape Runner, of course!). Then I noted that it wasn’t quite strong enough so I used a rectangle chipboard piece (see them here) and a square chipboard piece along the long (outside) wall of the stand to add stability. It’s AWESOME! Totally works.

Then to finish it off I painted the back, especially the edges to mask my spots that were roughly cut.

All done – and the best part? I’ve got a fantastic father’s day gift ready to go! I am eager to get more of these frames and do it all over again!

I hope you stay tuned – I’ve got so much more to share with you here in the coming weeks, and it’s all going to be BIG fun, prizes, and projects galore!!

Happy Crafting-

14 thoughts on “Ready for camp? {faq, info, project!}”

  1. LOVE this darling frame and clever “proper-upper”. Your girls are darling!

    I have a photo of my SJ Hamburger page to download…will try to send it!


  2. What a great Fathers Day gift….love the way the frame turned out.
    I was wondering whether during class you will be able to recommend any UK stockists of the items used….as shipping costs from the US are so high.

  3. Hi Jacky,

    Great question! Well, since I’m based in USA I really don’t know any UK on-line (or traditional) scrapbook stores. That said – if there is a product you are looking for I’d be happy to try and help by contacting the company and asking if they have any UK based places that have ordered it. You can also do message board thread to ask for suggestions from fellow students. So, not a direct recommendation from me, but yes I’d be happy to help you any time you’re looking for something to purchase without the burden of over-seas shipping.


  4. I so want to do Camp Scrap. But my first baby is due in 6 weeks (give or take…as if I can schedule this?). I just don’t think I’ll be able to particpate like I want to. I try so hard to keep scrapbooking from feeling stressful, because I really believe it should be FUN not Stressful. But still…this is getting depressing for me. I started stockpile scrapbook supplies for the future baby book, at least.

  5. This is one of those tricky situations. The way I see it, if you do sign up the baby will end up coming earlier than planned, thus cutting your scrap time out before class is up. If you don’t? Likely baby will be stubborn and not come out until class is well over.

    I think you’re doing the right thing by sitting this out. If it makes you feel better, I’ve got a new class starting the first week of September that might be great for those stockpiled baby supplies…

  6. I just now signed up for the class! I can’t wait…’s been a while since I’ve taken a class over at BPS and summer is here, so what better time?

  7. Love that project! And the mix of GM on the frame is just beautiful. Can’t wait for class!!!

  8. Oh cool. I’ll be looking for the class! I decided against a traditional baby book, and am doing a baby scrapbook. But to remove any pressure, I’m just going to keep a notebook around, writing down anything important she does or that happens. Then I can pair that up with supporting photos and do the scrapbook as I feel like it and in any order I feel like following. Low Stress.

  9. Hi May,
    I really want to attend Camp Scrap. Two things though. . .
    1. I will be on vacation from July 3 throught July 11. won’t be able to find any time during that time to work on projects or stay in touch. Is that a problem? What will I miss? Do I just do that later or will it imact the rest of camp?
    2. There was a contest I signed up for to win a free registration to camp. When are those winners announced? What if I’ve already registered for camp by that time?

  10. The only contests I know of for a spot in class have been announced and prizes claimed. At this time there are no open contests…

    AS far as what you’ll miss, as I’ve said before there are no requirements of class, so you’d be fine as far as ‘catching up’. The ideas and layouts shared aren’t progressive in the sense that you don’t have to work in any order at all. Since the materials are available forever you won’t miss out that way. The only things you would miss out on are some chats and some chances at a few give-aways, as most are only open for a few days… unless you had internet access and could hop on to enter.

    I think it’s really up to you and if you think you can get a lot out of your time before and after the vacation. 🙂


  11. I am listening to you right now on paperclippings…really want to take this class….love your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  12. I am so looking forward to this class. I am currently doing A Baker’s Dozen, which ends the day before this one begins. I am on a roll right now with scrapbooking. And then my son and I are also doing the Kidding Around class. So, this summer I am going to be getting a lot of pages done. Today is my last day of work/school. I work at the local high school, so I can really gear up and do more pages for summer time.

    Oh cute Father’s day frame too.

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