your .02, if you please…

“I’m moving the bed from the studio into Becca’s room (aka it’s forever home now that she’s ready for upgrade to full-size bed)”

sounds simple, but in fact is not. Removed the changing table (now my sewing table), had to move and muss up the studio all over, take the toddler bed/crib (it was convertible deal) out of B’s room… in other words, a quick project in theory, but I’m in day #2 now.

Above: girls all “whoa, you can walk in mom’s studio! and the floor is clean!”

below, from new reading nook: “Nobody cares! Feed me and pet me and worship me!” – Princess

Here’s where I ask for your .02. Do you want photos and tales from the trenches? info on how I’m storing stuff and all that jazz?

Or not. Either way ok by me, just curious…

34 thoughts on “your .02, if you please…”

  1. Absolutely we want the details on how you are storing stuff – its the details that count you know lol.
    I am always after good ideas for storing stuff so its a big YES PLEASE from me.

  2. hi may!!
    i wanted to ask permission to use the picture you took of my book for my twitter page and for a blog post if i credit you? it is a wonderful shot, such a pretty angle! 🙂

  3. Absolutely!! Loving your updates on Twitter regarding this simple project & would love to see how you are finding new homes for everything.

  4. I’ve been loving watching Stacey J’s video’s about her color buckets so would be interested in knowing what you do!

  5. Yes, definitely! It’s always great to see how others store their stuff- you get so many ideas from it.

    Plus, I hope the people want to see photos from the trenches, because I just started rearranging my scrap room after work yesterday and will be on day #2 of it tonight…I was definitely planning on posting the nitty gritty sometime.

  6. I’d love to see some pics, maybe I’ll be inspired to get my stuff organized! Love the comments about the floor! I know things have gotten out of hand when after cleaning up the craft room, the kids remark about how nice it is to be able to walk in the craft room!

  7. A big resounding YES please! I love getting a peek into people’s spaces – it also gives me a peek into how they create!

  8. Oh May-you are the BEST at giving us the low-down on your trenches…please, please, please 🙂

  9. YES! YES! YES! always need the view from the trenches. It helps to know what does/doesn’t work! A view of others’ spaces inspires too!

  10. Would so love to see it all! I once read someone saying how much they loved seeing these glimpses – it’s like when you’re walking by that cool house in the evening, and the lights are on and you can peek inside. I mean, not in a peeping-tom at the windows way. ewww that makes me sound scary and stalkerish. Really, I’m not!!

  11. I love to hear how others organize their craft supplies. My craft room is a work in progress. I am always changing things when I hear a better way. Thanks!

  12. Yes show us! I don’t have a scrap room so I have to live vicariously through other peoples’ rooms and storage solutions!

  13. I love seeing stuff about the girls, the “Princess” (we have one too and a “Queen”-4 1/2lb 7 year old cat that rules the entire kingdom here), and all the other everyday stuff. Real life is what it’s all about.

  14. Yes, please! I love reading about the tales from the trenches & to hear about storage ideas etc.

  15. I haven’t even read the comments yet, but judging by the number (27 and counting) this is a hot topic! I’m wholly with the Yeses! (or yes pleases, if my mother’s listening) – always looking for ways to organize and store my apparently ever-growing stash, that I haven’t thought of.
    I’m quite happy with what I’ve got going on already, but sometimes bring something new in and need another idea.

  16. I want to see everything! I am always looking for ways to minimize my small room and love looking at other’s work spaces.

    The other thing…PLEASE, please, please keep posting your recipes too! I am making the cake you wrote about and cannot wait to try it.

    Your blog is the best balance of all of my favorite things.

  17. Yes I would love to hear all about your approach to storage and any thing else that you wish to tell us!! I love to hear how other scrappers store “stuff”. Pictures would also be wonderful

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