Where has this been all my life?

Last week I went searching for a punch Stephanie loves and I was intrigued by called Modern Garland. I did not find it at my local craft store, instead I found a store ripped to pieces and obviously getting a bunch of new stuff/re-organized by the looks of it.

I did find this…

it’s called the doily lace trim, and I just want to ask one question: where has this been all my life?!?!?


Some other time I’ll talk about how I love that it folds up to take up less space when it’s not in use. For now, just know it punches out the whole lovely strip of lace looking paper trim, ok and it drops a heck of a mess but DANG. It’s super cool and I am in LOVE. I’m working it into my class materials for www.scrabooku.com the class I’m doing in a few weeks for sure.

That’s my enabling post of the day, and if you’re into more vintage inspired and frilly stuff, check out this layout:

I had so much fun mixing the beautiful Websters Pages goodies with the bug painting pictures. Oh, and that ‘girl power’ stamp by Catslife Press? It’s been a fave of mine for years. I love pulling that out.

I’m anxiously awaiting new Jenni Bowlin goodies being released soon, but in the meantime I’ve still got a few butterflies and fun things to hold me over…

You can see some more info on this layout + some of my favorite sources for vintage inspired scrap supplies over at www.unkit.com

8 thoughts on “Where has this been all my life?”

  1. I`m blushing here because I didn`t know it would fold out:) – so I put mine in a drawer…

  2. I have that punch, too, and loooooooove it. It lets you make what looks like ribbon for any project. And now, of course, I want the Modern Garland one, too. 😉

  3. I love that punch–want to get my hands on it one of these days! I feel like there’s so much new stuff coming, out, though, that I have to watch my wallet!

  4. Ok – so now I’m a proud owner of one of the punches I rushed out to find myself one. Can I send the bill to you?

  5. hi May…happy belated Mother’s day. I haven’t been around much…busy here and there. 🙂

    I have that punch too and I love it…it’s beautiful!

    take care!!!

  6. so funny… i just bought that punch today. i got some “vintage” crepe paper trim a loooong time ago in a zing boom kit that was in that shape. i scoured the internet for more, but i had a hard time finding a source where i didn’t have to buy a boat load of one color and eventually just gave up on it. so when i saw that martha had made a punch i was super excited! definitely looking forward to playing with it a lot. :]

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