Thursday tip: title stickers

This is such an oldie, but a goodie too. It works best with a used sticker backing sheet (remove the stickers entirely) but sometimes product packaging can work too.

The key is to just put the sticker letters on the backing as little as possible. Then when you like how they’re lined up place onto your page! Instantly lined up title just how you want it. To get the plastic/sticker sheet backing off just lift gently. It should pop right off and you can smooth your title stickers into place. A great way to make sure things fit before you commit to placing them.

Stickers shown are Kaiser Craft – more on them soon!

5 thoughts on “Thursday tip: title stickers”

  1. Yes, that is an oldie but goodie! I have an old CM tool that basically does the same thing, with the advantage that it has some different curved edges if you want your title in something other than a straight line. I don’t think they make it anymore, shame.

  2. Ah-ha! You know May, this is why you get the BIG BUCKS!!!! I got to spend the day teaching 5th graders (sub didn’t show up for my colleague), so I have decided that tonight I get to play hybrid-like on my computer, glass of wine in hand!

  3. Great tip, May! Creative Memories actually makes a product that you can do that with, but using something you already have lying around is so much smarter and more economical!

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