2.23: a hybrid page

 Can you stand another (hybrid) layout? I hope so! After all, I’m totally in my hybrid groove these days…

Here’s a little known fact that I’ve actually timed: It’s true if you’re just going for “layer & print” often times Word is faster & easier than Photoshop Elements. Shoot – I can be 1/2 done in the time it takes Elements to open! If you’ve never considered hybrid scrapbooking a lot of times Word is less intimidating to start with too. After all – we want to have fun, not scare anyone!

Just get in there & insert>picture>from file and put whatever you like. I’m using a Sande Krieger lovely from www.twopeasinabucket.com here.

Then I added a Jodie McNally paper (from www.oscraps.com) and sized & lightened.

Then I added in one of Sande’s tags but cut off the part with the cow. Don’t really want that part.

Before I print I added in another Sande Krieger treat – a photo frame (that I’m using on paper – totally ok).

If you’re thinking “geez May, could you explain a bit more? Talk about your process? Show me more how-to? Well I think you’ll know my answer – of course! I actually will be posting more hybrid pages with digi screen shots too here, but also I would strongly suggest you hop in Adventures in Scrapbooking: Go Hybrid. Class starts Thursday – and I am so nervous & excited all at the same time. Mostly excited. Can.not.wait!


We’re starting off with text/journaling type stuff. It’s going to be so.much.fun. In the meantime, here’s the page I ended up with:

That’s Core’dinations cardstock inked with Victorian Velvet & Pumice Stone distress inks. Journaling stamp from Cats Life Press, flower is Prima, and the ribbon (princess) a Michael’s bargain & American Crafts gathered ribbon.

This page is much simpler than my usual style, but I was happy with how it looked and didn’t see anywhere I felt like adding more do-dads. Sometimes that’s how I roll. Of course I was bummed most of that lovely purple paper got covered up, but sometimes that’s what happens.

I really haven’t journaled the fact that Elizabeth got h1n1 on our vacation, and then gave it to us all and we spent 2 solid weeks sick as can be. I actually do plan on doing that – this photo reminded me & the journaling hints at it. I think I’ll do it on a big journaling page “about the vacation”. Sick as she was getting – I still love the sleeping photo.

10 thoughts on “2.23: a hybrid page”

  1. Very creative page! I am looking forward to class starting! So sorry to hear you all had the H1N1. I had it last fall, and have never been so sick. Glad you are all better!

  2. I am slow getting started this morning, but just had to check your blog. Soooo glad I did! Thanks for the inspiration and am thinking tonight is another creating/printing night 😉

    waiting, waiting, waiting for class to begin….ME

  3. Love the page and I can’t wait for class to start. I do have a couple of questions though – the cute rosette with the netting – did you make it and does it squished in the page protector or do you not worry about such things? I’m just starting to put more bulky things in my books and some of the cuteness gets flattened. My son had H1N1 so I know it was rough for your whole family. Glad everyone is better.

  4. Hi Dawn-

    That is a Prima rosette. When I use a product like this I squish it with my fingers to see if it smooshes down or not – this one does and is not much thicker than a button or piece of chipboard. If I’m worried about the thickness of something I cut 1/2″ off the side of my background paper. This allows more room in the protector for my layout without tearing or straining.

    Hope that helps!


  5. this is really cool and why I am excited to be taking the class. I so need a new spark in my scrapping ;). And the digi stuff you use is so “me” so I’m sure I’ll get lots of ideas from you.

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