Eight years ago today…

I woke up in a suite surrounded by my best girlfriends and started getting dressed. It was THE day I’d planned for (myself – no planner required) and 200 guests would soon join in our happy day.

We picked a date based on the timing for our Disneyworld Honeymoon. 2.2.02 sounded cool sure, and it was groundhog day, but the timing of our vacation was the real reason for the date. That’s just how we roll.

Walking down the isle the traditional way was not an option for me. So J met me at the door of the church and we walked in together, arm in arm. It was the priest’s idea and a darn good one.

My friends asked if I was nervous or anything. I wasn’t. The cold feet never came. I was excited. Thrilled. Totally pumped. I knew I wanted to be married to J – and that was that.

We ate, drank, danced, and loved being surrounded by our loved ones. Then we ran off to the airport to catch the red eye to Orlando so we could start the next day on vacation. Yeah – I said we spent our wedding night sleeping on an airplane by choice and it couldn’t have worked out better. By 10am the next day we were rockin’ Universal Studios Orlando.

That’s how we roll.

Eight years, two kids, a new house, and lots of life later we’re still here. Still happy. Still a great team.

photo credit – the pictures are by Celeste Photo Art (Santa Rosa, CA) sorry they’re BAD scans from the album… scanner is angry this morning.

19 thoughts on “Eight years ago today…”

  1. The scans might be bad but they can’t hide the happiness evident on your faces. Happy Anniversary!

  2. May, you look so beautiful. I have always said when you plan your wedding you will be happiest if you plan it for you and your spouse and no one else. Happy annavisery. Congratulations on a charmed life!

  3. Congrats on 8 wonderful years. We were at WDW at the same time and you won’t believe it but just yesterday – which was 2/2/02 here in Australia – I was watching video and reminicing about our trip and how cute my girls used to be.


  4. Congrats May! Wow was it 8 years ago?? Does not seem that long ago at all.

    Glad to see and hear that all is well.

    Wishes for many more happy years together.


  5. Happy Anniversary to you two. Time flies when your happily married and 8 years can seem like 8 days. Hope you have a Wonderful day.

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