it rained, it hailed, we had fun.

I am for rain. I mean – would we survive without water? uh no. Do I like travel or working in it? not so much, but I still like rain. To be honest, rainy day activities totally kick the pants off warm summer day activities for me.

Bring on the book reading, puzzle solving, sitting by the fire, watching a movie, cuddling, listening to sound of rain, looking at the vivid colors of the freshly washed landscape, and cocoa weather anytime.

We had a hail storm. Here is B watching daddy sweep it off the patio so that the pouring rain could still get drained. Her shirt is a little short to wear with those pants, leaving a strip of toddler belly hanging out. It tortured me all day. Too cute.

Yep. We had hail. Lots. It was so much fun to run around in for me, and the girls loved eating the pebbles of ice. (FROM THE SKY!)

Here’s to embracing winter weather – and making good memories even if it rains on your previous plans.

8 thoughts on “it rained, it hailed, we had fun.”

  1. I also love the rain/winter weather, nothing better than snuggling up inside on a wet day, although that is easy to say when we are in the middle of summer lol.
    I love the pic of your daughter looking out at the rain, too cute.

  2. I am all for the rain to but if ONLY if I can stay in. My job requires me to be on the road ALL day!! It makes me really sleepy and I love to cut everything off and just listen to it and read! BTW, is that a pool in your yard I seen? Lucky girl!!

  3. She is just way too cute! I simply adore her hair and the baby belly, it reminds me of when my daughter was that age and she’ll be 18 in a couple weeks, enjoy the baby belly!!

  4. wow, what a great way to look at it-wish I shared your view….
    love the baby belly! LOL HOW do you brush that curly curly hair???? 🙂 She’s too precious.

  5. New reader/follower and have to tell you I am writing because. . .of you little one/curlylocks. I saw a layout above that is an EXACT reflection of my granddaughter with a string of curls hanging down the middle of her forehead and in her eyes. That is totally what mine looks like @ 3-4 yrs. 🙂

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