The Christmas Program

Miss E had her first school winter program tonight. She convinced me bringing Rudolph was ok. (Note to self: it wasn’t. She messed with him & played his music instead of singing)

She was sooo cute though. All decked out in her signature color (red) and loving it. Too bad the teachers were so disorganized it was like there was no plan outside “the kids will sing. There will be cookies & santa” It was such a mess- nobody knew what was going on. E’s class sang Rudolph like 4x and Jingle bells – who knows I lost count. FYI – I don’t do events that aren’t run right so well. But I bit my lip & smiled for E – cuz it was her night after all!

Then we waited in the weirdest line for Santa. The photo I’m about to show you is what I’d call a money shot.

It’s the kind of photo that I grin while taking.

Because I know – I know – it captured the moment. The kind of thing I love to scrapbook right here. Ready?

Becca hated Santa upclose. She went and ate cookies the moment this was snapped.

May your weekend be merry & bright as ours!

12 thoughts on “The Christmas Program”

  1. I have no photos of the kids with Santa…ever. They wouldn’t go near him! LOL! What a classic photo! 🙂

  2. Good for you for braving the school event! I do not really have fond memories of those as a child! 😉 FABULOUS photo!!!!

  3. I’m sorry but that is just hilarious! These are the memories that they will be telling their grandchildren about…and isn’t that what we want? I love it because it’s just so precious.

  4. School recitals…gotta love ’em. My daughter LOVED having her picture taken with Santa, my son won’t have anything to do with him.

  5. oh my goodness! that photo is the best! i can’t even believe you were able to capture it. :]
    i’m sorry to hear about the disorganized event. that is really too bad. hopefully the kids still had fun though.

  6. Oh, I am completely in the same boat! I cannot stand when things like that are disorganized and crazy. Seriously people, get it together. But I LOVE the photo! That is a crack up! Our Santa photo came out about the same only no clear display of tears – just the girls peering at him like he was a weirdo or something.

  7. Great photo’s ! I love Curly trying to get away. I’ve often told photographers..just take the pic, stop trying to get the perfect smiling one! Little kids can only take so much !

  8. Classic photo – keeper for sure. Scared of Santa was the theme for one of Tim Holtz’s tags this year; you’ve got the perfect photo for it! (And I happen to know you’ve already got the filmstrip ribbon…)
    You’ve reminded me of a girlfriend who faithfully attended every single one of her daughter’s school performances – arrived plenty early and sat right in the front row where her DD could see her, smiling the whole time, no matter how bad the elementary orchestra sounded, etc. Her secret? Earplugs! I kid you not.

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