guess who’s back? This girl!

I will talk about my ‘mission impossible’ last 10 days tomorrow – right now I’m giddy because I made deadline #1 and that leaves me free to play with some NEW goodies for deadlines 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Darn it, that’s cryptic and I don’t mean it to be. I’ll tell you more later – I promise!!  for now, here’s a “Woo hoo I’m celebrating!” quick & easy page-

Today in car R’s ‘piggys’ were telling us where she wanted to go next. it was CRAZY CUTE!!

That’s Jenni Bowlin paper, a Lily Bee flower, Prima tiny roses, and MM letter stickers. Oh, and stitching by machine (Matilda, my old machine has been nice lately!) This was one of my famous “put it on a page instead of cleaning up” pages. 15min max – love quickies!!

I’ll leave you with this sneaky image-

because here? it IS go time!!! We’ve got a dinner party for 8 adults + 5 kids on Saturday. eeps!

I’ll be back on a near-daily basis now – I have a back-log of ‘blog abouts’ – but any special requests? wishes? Sometimes I do grant them…

8 thoughts on “guess who’s back? This girl!”

  1. So much goodness! I totally covet your daughter’s curls. The LO is super cute! The sneak peek is wonderfully evil! Looks great!

    I wish my sewing machine would cooperate! Finally got the bobbin sorted out and now to get the thread takeup to cooperate!

  2. Love the sneak – I’m all about Christmas these days!

    I gotta ask, have you read The Eyre Affair? I heard great things about it recently so picked it up – but first I’m going to re-read Jane Eyre, ’cause it’s been waaaayyyyyy too long. And that’s all I’m sayin’.

    Wishes… hmmm, let’s see…. I wish to hear more about that upcoming BPS class. HAHAHAHA!

  3. Congratulations on meeting your first deadline…that calls for a big celebration!! And…8 adults and 5 kids just might do it! 🙂 Love the layouts May! So so wonderful!

  4. 15min LO??????? Please come to Baton Rouge one day. I need some lessons! Love them LO, as always.

  5. I always love your sneaks of your layouts. I wuld love to hear more about to use those cute pins I have been seeing a lot of, they look so cute on your sneek.

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