{final blog hop day} Box of Love

I have been wanting to figure out a way to do this and share all week – longer actually and I just had my “aha!” moment so I want to share this with you as this week of gratitude & giving thanks blog hop activity wraps up.

I have this person in my life that I really want to give a gift unlike anything I’ve ever done. I want to tell stories I remember of them + me, details about them that I love, things that remind me of them, and also some actual “gifts” such as gift cards, etc. in the journal too. But the problem has been that I can’t figure out how to make it work like I envision. That is, until I noticed this box under my desk.

It is 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 and is covered with a shiny paper. I’m going to tear that shiny paper off to give myself a nice chipboard base to decorate as I see fit. Then I’m going to fill the box with little notes, affirmations, candies, gift card(s) with special meaning, more notes, small collages/artworks, and other things to create a little box of love. When I’m done I’ll send it off and this person will get not only a Christmas present, but also something they can look at when they need a smile or to be reminded someone loves them. I can do that!

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far that I want to use. I *WILL* share finished photos with you, but not until after Christmas as I don’t want to take the chance that the recipient sees it. Believe me, the person will KNOW it’s for them! Anyhow – that’s my final idea for you in this giving thanks blog hop – make someone a little box of love complete with ‘love notes’ that can be saved and cherished.

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4 thoughts on “{final blog hop day} Box of Love”

  1. Ah May-you have such a gift for sharing friendship, joy, love, gratefulness, etc. then teaching others how to do the same. I am very thankful for your influence in my life these past months. The person who receives this will be blessed. I will definitely be scraplifting this one! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God Bless. ME

  2. What an incredible gift! They will love it dearly, I’m sure. I hope you’ll post pics of the finished project, since I’m lucky enough to have a couple of people in my life who I’d love to show that kind of kindness to.

    Oh, and I adore the vintage knitter girl. So retrofun!

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