Giving Thanks Blog Hop #1: to go

I can’t help myself. When I go visit someone – especially when it’s far away or someone I rarely get to see – I have to bring a little something. As a child I remember feeling extra special when a visitor would bring me something. The “what” didn’t matter, it was the fact that they thought about me and cared enough to pack something just for me in their suitcase. It’s a special feeling, and one I still enjoy as an adult.

Thanks to all the insanely tight regulations on what you can & can’t pack (and how) bringing stuff has gotten trickier, but still I make the effort! Even if it’s a tag made with a bit of homemade love (like the ones shown here) on a little box of chocolate – it’s special. It’s my way of saying I’ve been thinking about this visit, I’m glad to see you, and I want you to know it. I couldn’t wrap these gifts, but I think the oversized tag with a touch of hand crafted love will get my point across.

As you can see I’ve got a few family love packages all set to go in my carry-on suitcase. Miss Elizabeth and I are heading up to Washington for 50 hours (literally & in total!) to visit with a lot of my family that lives there. My uncle is battling cancer, and I feel blessed and grateful that I found a magically low airfare – and a few days that I could manage this visit. I have a lot of family I get to visit, and I know we’ll treasure every moment.

I will be taking my journal along to record thoughts, special moments, and more- some of which I’ll share with you along with some layouts and ideas I gather for projects based on this trip. Time with family is something to always treasure – no matter how often or how long. I know I do.


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5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Blog Hop #1: to go”

  1. Safe travels May ! I always take little gifties too ! Enjoy your family and have a wonderful time!

  2. Have a safe and fun visit! Enjoy spending time with you family. I love the picture of Miss E with the camera….she takes after her mom.

  3. May I am so sorry about your Uncle. My prayers are with you and your family! Have a safe trip and I know they will love the gift! Very sweet of you!! I love to give gifts as well. Just a little something to say Thank you!!

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