let’s play blame mom. {a totally not serious post}

I can hardly believe how time is flying around here. Right now I’d like to remind you that today is the FINAL day to register for my Big Picture Scrapbooking class: http://www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com/adventureskits.php. I know some of you are in class – I hope you’re having as great of a time as I am!!

I had actually planned to work with & share some kit creations this week but just haven’t made the time. I’d like to blame my mother.


Her foot got stuck when she was going to walk into her friend’s house and she broke her arm. (way up by shoulder – so no cast) We’ve been up to her place twice now with food & company. I don’t really “blame” her guys – I just like to be shocking and say stuff like I blame her because it cracks me up. She’d roll her eyes and laugh too if she knew I was saying that. IΒ like this photo of her from Sunday. She was explaining something. She likes to talk when I try to take her photo so you end up with gems like the one above.

I’ll also blame these guys:


Those kiddos are full-time busy bodies always! But when daddy goes away for FIVE SOLID DAYS? The mommy cling-on factor is high. Yesterday we went to the fire station to visit daddy, make dinner for the crew, and hang out. It was super fun…

… but I came home exhausted fell asleep despite drinking a soda & never did do my kit thing.

So now you know. I chose sleep & family time over playing with paper & stickers. My priorities are all outta whack, right? {KIDDING!!!}


So now that things have sort-of settled, let’s see what I’m up to. I’ve got these pink paislee goodies that I want to work around. See- in my class we talk a lot about substitutions & working with your own stash & making your own kits (as well as working with kit clubs). My plan is to use these & create some stuff for fun, but also make at least 1 layout inspired by class. I’ll photograph my progress & check back in soon.

That is, assuming my family lets me!

10 thoughts on “let’s play blame mom. {a totally not serious post}”

  1. Oh May-you crack me up πŸ™‚ Good to know you do have your priorities straight! Hope your mom heals quickly though. No school for us today, so I am headed over to the scrapbooking table as soon as I finish drinking my coffee and reading silly blogs πŸ™‚

    Today I celebrate Veterans day by scrapbooking pictures for my Marine. My son David is in Afghanistan right now, and out on a “fieldtrip”. He has been gone for 3 weeks, and this is the longest I have not heard from him. Decided to put my anxiety into my scrapbooking instead-isn’t that what hobbies are for?

    Blessings on your day. Sharon

  2. That is a wonderful idea – and in fact you’ve inspired me. I will work with a photo of my dear veteran uncle…

  3. Look forward to what you do with those Pink Paislee goodies – I love their graphics but can’t warm up to the Christmas colour scheme at all. Have to say I was disappointed in that whole line; much as I wanted to buy some of it, I just didn’t see it working with my photos or my Muse.

  4. I just signed up for your Kits class at BPS, and now I find out my teacher is sleeping on the job! πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the class and all it entails. I hope your Mom is doing well.

  5. Ha!

    No – class materials are all done & awaiting their turn. I’m just a blog slacker. πŸ™‚


    PS – thrilled to have you in class! BE sure to e-mail me with any q’s or anything.

  6. You amaze me. Taking care of your family, and your husband’s co-workers, and running a class, AND creating – I would definitely not be blogging.

    Thanks for sharing, I always like to visit your blog for some of life’s good things πŸ™‚

  7. Love the post, as always, May! By the way, I just ordered those Pink Paislee goodies…can’t wait for them to arrive!!

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