Reason #52

If you’re bound to bed (or couch) due to VERY nasty upper respiratory flu, if you had a kit you could cut a bit of paper here and there without sorting through your stash or tiring yourself out.

I’m speaking from experience ladies (and any gents out there). As I sit here, exhausted by merely getting myself a cup of juice it’s nice to have something in my hands to play with so I don’t have to focus on the kids channel (ugh) or if my eyes are tired of reading. Since we were on vacation for a full week, I’ve not crafted in nearly 2 weeks… and my hands are itchy with need! I may be slow moving and very, very, sick… but that doesn’t mean my brain is totally dead. Just a tiny bit of paper play has really lifted my spirits.

Another popular option for me, of course, is to surf the internet.


I spied this on the blog, and I’m very tempted. It’s their November kit, and along with the December kit it’s on my ‘coming soon’ kit watch & consider short list. Tricia does such a lovely job with her kits, and it was a real treat to work with one of her past kits in my upcoming Big Picture class. I hear great things about her service, and the kits are wonderful.

I’m back to rest, hydration, rest, PBS cartoons, and just a few tiny fun projects with pre-made kits. The flu: just another reason having a kit can help with productivity and boredom!

10 thoughts on “Reason #52”

  1. hehehe, you little enabler, you! 🙂 Hey, Ms. May, what do you know about Unity Stamp Company? I’d never heard of them until about a week or so ago. They are 10 minutes from my hometown, and an hour and 1/2 from me…… super cute stuff from what I’ve seen…..ideas? thoughts?

  2. Oh, May – please get well soon. Viruses are too cruel. Get lots of rest.
    That kit is vey tempting buI think I overindulged at Expo, so restraint is something I need ( at least for a month).
    To your friend Cat – I saw Unity Stamps at CHA in Florida and agree – think they have the cutest stuff!

  3. Feel better Flaum Family, feel better ! And I hope the flu doesn’t linger as long with you as it is with me ! grrr.

    That kit looks kinda yummy !

    Unity Stamps are pretty nice , I have a couple and they are big and stamp wonderfully ! They have a site, check’em out.

  4. Aww, sorry you’re so sick but isn’t it fun “window shopping” online? I love checking out all the kits and new stuff in scrappy stores.

  5. I admire your ability to do even the littlest bit of crafting while you’re sick; I can never get past just thinking about it when I feel lousy. But yes, surfing the internet is a wonderful way to while away the hours.

    I hope you’re all feeling better soon!

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