can you help me clean up? {Prize inside}

For the first time in too, too, long my main crafting spot on my workbench is clean & organized.


Uh, just don’t ask to see to the left or right of this 3 foot space, ok? Thanks. Well, except for the little swivel shelf on my other desk. That’s clean.


That’s where I keep my beverage (tea or water, usually) + books to be read, my candle, random stuff that I love, my violet plant…  yep it’s all clean.

Now, what about the rest of the room?

Here’s what I’m going to do: while I clean I’m going to put together little groups of fun stuff – buttons, ribbons, journaling tags & cards, tiny stamps… who knows what – and assemble little padded envelopes of fun. It’ll help me clean up and clear out a few things – and you could get some free fun stuff just because. Every fun mail will definitely include a pack of these.


Would you help me clean up by taking some goodies off my hands? I’d be ever so grateful. Just leave a comment here – I’ll draw winners Friday (oct 16).

102 thoughts on “can you help me clean up? {Prize inside}”

  1. Cleaning my work area always makes me want to scrap, so then I always end up with the three foot section cleared as well! It looks great, though!

  2. I love clean spaces. Sad that they don’t last long enough!! Trying to clean for a 5 year old party tomorrow. Wish it was for scrapping. At least there will be pictures and memories for scrapping.

  3. Oh, I have never seen Caramel Apple Sugar Babies before. I love Caramel Apple’s, my fav. Good luck cleaning! :O)

  4. I’ve been cleaning too and could assemble my own packs of fun. But it is fun to add some new stuff to the mix! Thanks for the chance.

  5. I am jealous of your small patch of clean workspace! My desk is never clean for more than an hour or so if I am in the room. I keep thinking that if I find the right organization system, things will stay cleaner but I am not sure that day will ever come!!

  6. Ah nothing better than a nice clean space. I cannot thrive in mess and clutter so I try to tackle my scrap area quite often. I have never had those caramel apple sugar babies…need to pick some of those up to try. Oh and if your little this and thats need a good home I can provide one 🙂

  7. Lol- simply because my crafting area needs desperate cleaning/organizing as well and because I’m simply not getting around to it, I might as well “ease” my mind by helping somebody else!

  8. Very happy to help out May – we don’t get those candies over here, so that would be an added bonus. (And IF my name is drawn, I’ll help pay postage all the way over here).

  9. I would love to help you out by taking some of those goodies off your hands and out of your space.

  10. Ohhhhh I don’t think they sell those candies here but I’d sure love to try them! I’ll help ya clean 😉

  11. Can you provide extra time in those neat little padded envelopes so I can spend some time organizing and cleaning? Nice work on your organization… it gives me some good ideas on how to improve my space. Thank you!

  12. cleaning up for me always means making a BIGGER MESS!!! But deep down inside I know I really am cleaning….Does that make sense!!! lol Your work place looks very nice and neat!!! Congrats….And I’d love to help you continue with your cleaning….Send it on over!!! lol Thanks!!!

  13. (sigh) yes.

    I’m making HUGE piles ‘o stuff to be sorted & put away while I clear up this one area… then I’ll keep on moving down the line. The floor? COVERED in scrap & trimmings… ugh. It’ll get there though!

  14. I will so help you I would even do it without the bag of green sugar baby candy. . . LOL okay who I am kidding I am going to do it just so I get a pack of those!

  15. No matter how clean my work surface, I always seem to work in a 2 foot square directly in front of me. I guess we all do!

  16. I spy Smooch products! I will sacrifice myself and accept your goodies. It’s my birthday month and I’m looking forward to goodies in the mail!

  17. You’ve given me some inspiration as I have an area that needs to be cleaned and tidied. And when you see the end result you know it’s worth it. I noticed you’ve got a Nora Roberts book in your reading pile – isn’t she just the best for escapism…I can never put them down.

  18. Oh wow… it’s so clean! However if you’re like me, it’s not going to stay that way for long =/ I also love that you’re putting candy in your blog candy =)

  19. Oooh! Fun!!! I’ve never tried the caramel apple sugar babies but they are now on my must-have fall list (along with my newest find – Dreyer’s Slow Churned Limited Edition Hot Cocoa ice cream – to die for!!!). Noticed the bottles of Smooch up there – love it!

  20. I would definitely love to help you out here.
    I am admiring some of the goodies on your shelf too, the tool caddy the smooch – and what brand is that lovely big woodgrain stamp?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I could only drool over your clean up space. Mine looks like a tonado just swept by. But that is how I create in my space. Thanks for sharing you goodies.

  22. so awesome that your space is tidied up… looks great….and you have lots of cool goodies on display so you don’t forget to use them…..I’m working on my space too…but it doesn’t look near as tidy as yours….of course…it’s not near as big either…

  23. Your workspace looks great! I am down to finishing up a project I have been working on all summer – a travel album. When I am done I am looking forward to cleaning up like you! Would love any leftovers you have plus that candy looks divine!

  24. I’d be glad to help ! Even though the crud has hit our family kind of hard, scrappy stuff seems to make anyone feel better !

    Caramel apple sugar babies..oh my ! DD would love those! We went to three different places yesterday looking for the coconut m&ms !

    Ok..back to bed for a while 1

  25. Caramel apple sugar babies mmmm good! I would love to take some of your stuff off your hands!

  26. Oh boy, cleaning…scary!! I’d love to help and take some of those unwanted products off your hands. thanks for a chance to win

  27. I’d love to help!
    Even though I’m in dire need of some cleaning assistance myself. Or maybe more clutter to hide my mess is what I need? Right?

  28. Oh, my goodness!!!! They MAKE caramel apple SUGAR BABIES! How did I not know this?! As a thank you for introducing me to such a fabulous thing (which I will be hunting down very soon!) I would be happy to help you out with your problem! LOL! Your space looks so inviting, though!

  29. OH my – Caramel apple sugar babies, I had no idea!!! that is going to put my diet on hold.

    I would love to take anything off your hand. Love the pictures so far.

  30. Uhhh, I would LOVE to take some scrap goodies (and candy!) off your hands! Your space looks fantastic!

  31. Hey, your section looks great! I can never get mine to look like that. And I haven’t seen Sugar Babies in the longest time. Didn’t know they still made those candies but they look yummy!

  32. Wow… lots of people commented! I guess that’s what you get for being a beloved fiskateer legend… Oh well, I’ll try anyway. =)


  33. Wowie i wish my area looked that clean! Great job, thanks for letting us in the on the fun and sharing the stash!!

  34. May…I just want your help cleaning up MY space now! 🙂 Looks great! You are an inspiration in so many ways! Thanks for the giveaway! My b-day is Saturday so picking me on Friday would be too cool! hee hee! 🙂

  35. I’ll sacrifice and help you clean too. 🙂

    I am in the process too-my floor is covered in little piles, but my desk is clean. 🙂

  36. I’d love to help you clean. And those Sugar Babies look yummy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. being that my space is the dinner table, I am forced to clean it whenever I make a mess, so that we can eat!

  38. One persons leftovers is another persons treasure. I’d be glad to help you with one of those packages. Cleaning is so much fun isn’t it? Hope you have a grad time crafting with your newly organized space.
    Fiskateer #1485

  39. It’s quite a lovely and funky space, clean or when work is in progress. Interesting match box cover on your shelf. Any goodies from your studio would be welcomed!

  40. Good luck with the clean up. After you’re done at your house, you want to come help me organize mine? : ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Hi May,

    I really don’t need anything but just wanted to commend you on your efforts. I need to get into my scraproom soon but I have been battling the rest of my house first.

    Keep going.

    The candy is intriguing though. Never saw those before.

  42. Now you have challenged me to straighten my space up and do some cleaning!

    I’m so happy to help you since you have helped me ;o)

  43. i just joined your blog, and emailed you about how i need to clear out my room too!! i don’t even have a 1 foot by 1 foot space that’s near as clean as what you’ve shared!! maybe if you send me some of your stuff, i’ll send you some of mine?? wink!!

  44. I’ve never tried carmel apple sugar babies…but they sound good! It would be fun to receive a pkg of goodies!!

  45. I love peeking at other’s scrap spaces, it’s so interesting how unique each space is! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  46. I LOVE the way your cleaned-up spaces still look cozy and creative! Today was my first visit to your blog but I’ll for sure be back. Have a little mercy on this gal who’s allergic to chocolate (HORRORS!!) and send the goodies and the Caramel sugar babies my way 🙂

  47. Those caramel apple sugar babies look so good. have fun cleaning, it is not my favorite chore, but I always feel so good when I get a room really cleaned and organized.

  48. I’ll be on that cleaning mission tomorrow as well, as I begin a few much anticipated days off.

    Did you know you can buy caramel apple-flavoured candy corn? Yep – saw it in the Bulk Barn last week. Didn’t buy any though; I am a Candy Corn virgin (can you believe 54 years of never having tried it?); but solely because of this blog I bought myself just a wee bit to try. Because I wanted my first experience to be authentic, so I bought the regular kind.

  49. Loved your tutorial on Ali E’s blog. I glued some extra zoo animal pictures on old magnets a few years back for my toddlers to enjoy on the fridge.

  50. I’m new to your blog and am enjoying it so much! And I would love to receive some of your found treasures, so nice of you to offer!

  51. Oh my I had to pop out of lurkdom to say I have to find some of those sugar babies! And now you’ve inspired me to clean my own room 🙂

  52. I am in love with your tutorial!! Christmas gifts for sure this year!
    Would love some scrappy stuff for fun!


  53. Wow, I need to find some of those new sugar babies! Interesting. I’m drinking carmel apple creamer in my coffee.
    Won’t you please include Zoolander in the package? Please??? 😉

  54. Caramel apple sugar babies-oh my! Your space looks great. I keep telling everyone that creative minds are messy. That is my story and I’m sticking to it!
    thanks for the chance for a rak!

  55. Um, gee, can I? I just posted a FB picture of my studio, which needs to be unpacked in our new house….but you can NEVER have too much *stuff*, right? And that’s my justification for the day. 🙂

  56. Are we all going to fit in that room? Sounds more like a party. I’m inspired by your clean space.

  57. Please please please pick me pick me!!!
    i’d love to help you out! Love your neat work area and the scandalous LO is sooo funny!

  58. ohhh.. I just love happy fun mail!! and as for the candy?? we dont have it here in new zealand, so would love to try some!! :0)

  59. Found your blog true the tutorial you gave on Ali’s blog (loved it by the way) and when I was scrolling down to see your other posts, I saw this call for help with cleaning. I’m in you can definitley send me your clutter ;). No problem. And those caramel apple sugar babies? Never tasted them … we don’t have them here in the Netherlands. So I would love to try them. Bye Irene

  60. I’ve never tried caramel apple sugar babies before. I definitely want to help with your clean up and try some yummy candy. I’ve been cleaning up lately too. I actually borrowed some books from the library about organizing and de-cluttering. You may want to join me.

  61. You know what they say “one person’s trash”… I love everything you do and I’m sure your hand me downs will be the bomb. And if they’re sugary sweet – more to the good!


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