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Once upon a time I was very active on several message boards. I began quite a few friendships via MB’s and I’ll always be grateful for that. One by one I disappeared from posting on boards. Between two kids, work, and life stuff I just didn’t make time to surf them like I used to. My reasons also largely involved the desire to move away from drama that can take over boards, as well as cliques and scrap-politics. Blech. No thanks.

So I’ve been floating out here in space, keeping track and meeting new scrappers via blogs, facebook, and sometimes even twitter not to mention Big Picture classes where I’m avidly participating in class boards and such.  I’ve got to be honest here – I really haven’t missed general message boards in the last year or so all that much. I get so much outside them now and keep up via e-mail (and all above mentioned forms of communication) as the internet scrapbooking community has grown and changed that I don’t really know what place they might have for me anymore. I DO believe they have a place – but where do I fit in?

Does that sound insane? Do you know what I mean?

Well I will tell you this: I’ve been “lurking” (aka looking but not posting) at a few boards but really haven’t been jumping in deep. What I am really after today is to engage you in a coffee talk discussion please: What do you get out of message boards? Where are you active? Why? Related: how the heck do you keep up with multiple boards?

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  1. I am consistently active on only one message board, a Yahoo group of scrappers. I am participating in the MB for the Yesterday & Today class on Big Picture, but that’s about keeping up with the class.

    On the scrapbooking Yahoo group, there are several “regulars,” and we talk about the joys of scrapping, but we also turn to each other for advice and understanding and support. Occasionally, there will be a bit of conflict–you can’t get several humans into a room, even a cyber room, without the occasional disagreement. But we handle it. We respect each other, talk it out, work it out and let it go.

    I understand what you mean about keeping up. I’ve tried to participate in boards on several sites, but with so many people posting all day long, I can’t devote enough time to really keep up with the conversation.

    That’s my take. Interesting question!

  2. I only check on 2 message boards…Fiskateers because I love the atmostphere (don’t post a ton, but enjoy checking on the general goings-on) and TallyScrapper (because I know a few in real life and love the challenges). That’s it. Easy enough.

    I gave up trying to keep up with everyone I know on every message board. I scan it quickly each morning and read only what I think I might respond to.

    Same goes for things like Facebook and Yahoo groups for DTs, etc. Quick scan and respond.

    Then I’m free to check on blogs…lol. Trying to limit myself to only 1 hour a day for computer stuff.

    If there’s an online crop or something, I make myself get some chores done and get outside with my family before I can log in.

    It’s all about budgeting time and balancing life!

  3. Failed to add that Tally and Fiskateers saved me last year…had moved in with my parents (along with my son adn husband)…had no friends…and things with my mom weren’t great (she had a very rough year). Having other scrappers to “talk” to helped a lot. Sometimes you just need someone “outside” to talk to, you know?

  4. Fiskateers is the only MB I checked daily. I don’t always leave lots of comments but LOVE that it is DRAMA FREE and OK to not leave comments on every post. I have peeked at some other MB’s but for some reason feel like an outsider(?). Does that make sense. Unless I find someone that I know I don’t feel comfortable. That’s what is great about Fiskateers..I never feel that way.

  5. I’m only active on 1 message board & that’s the Fiskateers board. Between that & visiting blogs I don’t have time to take on another MB. I love the Fiskateers board. There’s a lot of variety there between challenges, raks, swaps & conversations. I’ve made some good friends all over the country as well as around the world. As a whole it’s a very supportive, fun, caring group.

  6. Currently I’m only active on Fiskateers. I think one message board is plenty for me. I use to be active on scrapbook-bytes and scrapgirls but that was when I was learning digi scrapping and that died off because it became too much to keep up with. I’d rather be scrapping LOL. Fiskateers is wonderful and I’ve made lots of new friends, plus what Tona said is very true “As a whole it’s a very supportive, fun, caring group” Between Fiskateers and blog reading (and commenting) that is enough for me.

  7. I was active on a mommysavers message board of scrappers and did online crops etc. with them and then the “drama” like you mentioned started and it just wasnt fun anymore. The prizes you received were sometimes things people were just wanting to get rid of and I decided enough. It was about that time that I stumbled on the Fiskateer message board and now that is the ONLY board for me because everyone there is so genuine and caring. It is such an encourgaging group of ladies. I have also met a great friend that I now correpsond with daily. We live 1000 miles apart but I sure hope that some day we can met each other in person.

  8. The fiskateer messageboard is the once I post on conversations and put my work up on the gallery. I have made some terrific friends on there and I would not trade it for anything in this world. I do Lurke alot into other messageboards that are specifically for products that I have where tips and tricks are important. Don’t post often. I do find that the drama and the clikiness gets in the way of what I’m there to do.

  9. I can barely keep up with the ones on the BPS classes I’m in, so I don’t use them. I look at blogs, but not at message boards. It’s too time-consuming. With work, 2 kids, the house, it’s just too much!

  10. I’m active on The Nest (www.all8up.proboard.com). I *was* more active on several boards when a LOT of drama started and it really just turned me off. I lurk….

  11. I for the most part lurk. I figure it’s kind of like how I am in real life … taking it all in quietly before piping up! As far as keeping up with several boards, some definitely move slower than others – which helps. It also seems like boards overall have slowed (maybe because there are so many now?). Just checking in and posting where it’s applicable helps with keeping up.

  12. I don’t keep up with MBs except for the BPS classes that I take. That is to see what others are doing with the class, etc. I haven’t found a MB out there that I think I could truly be a part of due to the drama that I encountered. I don’t need that in my life as I prefer to keep it positive. I also try not to do so much as it takes away from my family time and keeping up with MBs would deter that I think. I do love the boards from BPS classes and do plan to stay on those when I am enrolled. After all, that is where I encountered you! 🙂
    Hope I didn’t babble too much…

  13. The only MB that I keep up with is Fiskateers. Got really tired and frustrated with all the drama and whining on other boards I looked at (never really participated..some are very cumbersome to learn)

    I love the Fiskateer board, lots of good , kind, caring folks there..a few have really helped keep me sane this year , with hubby losing his job and then my mom passing away in July..it’s been a tough year and I don’t need to spend time anywhere that makes me unhappy ! Besides.. I have a 13 yr old daughter and that’s enough drama for me ! LOL

    Plus..trying to visit the blogs that I like, love and learn at. It just all gets to be too much and nothing else gets done.

    I’ve rambled on so much, I don’t if I answered your question ! ROFL

  14. I keep up with Studio Calico–I think their MB is one of my favorite parts of SC, along with the kits themselves! It doesn’t seem to have the drama other MBs do–everyone is really supportive, and I’ve only read lovely comments. I enjoy reading it in my free time (there aren’t so many new messages it gets overwhelming), and find it helpful when I’m considering dabbling in a new technique and want product advice or something.

  15. I use Fiskateers, Facebook and Twitter. I occasionally visit others but the former keep me busy enough! (DH already thinks I spend too much time on the computer.) I do roam around various blogs and manufacturers sites and occasionally leave comments (I do visit your site regularly) but just cannot do everything.

  16. What do you get out of message boards? When I first started scrapbooking I found the fiskateers message board via the fiskars tv. I found a place to ask questions about tools or how too’s I also found what felt like friends at the time I did not know any other paper crafters and I felt alone in my hobby and needed a sounding board. When I joined I was #1036 and It felt like a very small community. I was able to log in every 2 or 3 days and catch up on all the posts in 20 minutes or so. It seems the craftng boards have grown so much I can’t keep up and they have lost their friendship feeling for me.

    Now I lurk occasionaly if I am looking for something specific. For instance I just bought a gypsy for my cricut machine. I was having tons of problems so i visited the cricut board to see what other owners were saying. It helped me solve my issues without calling tech support.

    Now I have a list of blogs I read every day or every other day bookmarked in my favortes list. I only get on message boards if I am looking fore something specific.

  17. I usually just lurk on the Cooking Light board and Two Peas. The only boards I am active on are the ones for classes at BP. I occasionally post on the Two Peas swap board if I am participating in a swap, but that is not very often. I don’t always like the way that people respond to other people on message boards and I don’t want to be criticized for what I say. There are a few blogs that I enjoy reading, but this one is the only one that I regularly leave comments on. I do get a lot of ideas from message boards but I am reluctant to share my ideas.

  18. A very long time ago I thought it would be fun to get involved in the message boards at a couple of popular scrapbook sites. I learned very quickly that they were not for me. The friendship and shared information were not enough to make up for the cattiness and drama. I hated the constant competition and how the smallest things would be made into a federal offense requiring letters and boycotts. Not for me. Now I have Facebook and Twitter, comment when I find something interesting on someone’s blog, and I participate heavily at BPS. It seems more about the classes and sharing than drama.

  19. I started out on a MB but I have to say I have never really felt like I clicked with people – everyone takes themselves so seriously. I check in once a week but have kinda given up. I do some challenges on Two Peas but avoid the MB. I mostly use Twitter (follow you), follow blogs, classes on BPS and a little FB to connect with people. I feel like I have connected with several crafters this way.

    Also, I can do these on my time and still make a connection. I do not have to follow a thread or feel the same pressure to keep up. I get a better sense of someone’s sense of humor and overall style so I enjoy it more and can keep up with those people that I want.

    My only negative is I can almost feel stalkerish – reading a blog, FB and Twitter of someone you start to feel like you know them more than you really do. I have had someone meet me at an event for work that knew way too much from following me and it was a really odd feeling. I always hesitate to reply or comment so I lurk a bit. I don’t want to be that odd follower.

    Enjoy your blog!
    (This was my longest comment ever! and I think I used the word “I” a record number of times!)

  20. I used to be active on SEVERAL message boards but was either not finding the inspiration or friendly atmosphere I was looking for. I actually run my own message board now which is totally drama free. The purpose it serves for me & hopefully our members is a place to share challenges, event info, ideas & all sorts of other info all in one place. For me, having things such as challenges posted in one spot gives me more time to scrap vs. having to hop from blog to blog. There are a few other forums I visit on occasion just to drop by & say hello. I’m not sure why people like to bring drama into scrapping but I just try to stay clear from it.

  21. The fiskateers is the only messageboard I am active on, I think 1 MB is about my limit as I work full time and don’t have a great deal of time to keep checking messageboards, but I do check a few blogs and other sites too.
    I love that fiskateers is so friendly and no one minds if you just pop in occassionally, you can be as active or inactive as you like and everyone is so supportive.
    As for “what do you get out of it?” – a place to meet with crafty people – no one I work with is crafty – my SIL is but she lives about 3 hrs drive away, some of my friends are and we get together about once a month but I need a fix inbetween too – so that is where fiskateers come in.
    They have enough challenges to get me out of a slump I may be in – I also get a lot of inspiration from the gallery, and get to know people from around the world.

  22. I stopped being active on most message boards a few years ago – I had it down to one where I ‘worked’ but when the friend sold the business that was attached to it – I stopped there are well.

    I spent a long time beating myself up about not ‘joining in’ and I still lurk on a few across the web. I did decide though that it wasn’t worth worrying about – if i felt the urge to join in at a particular time, I did, if not, I just lurked. It made me feel a lot better about it all and I don’t feel an ‘obligation’ to ‘be’ there regularly.

    JMHO of course – find what your heart is happy with and go with that 🙂


  23. The only MB I’ve ever kept up with is LOM at BPS. I peek at Studio Calico every now & then but really get my scrapfix from Blogs. My time is limited, like everyone else’s, so I like to read about who I connect with on either a scrappy level or personal level. I am also loving Twitter. Seems alot of fun scrappers are there & its just fun.

  24. Another Fiskateer here, I only found scrapping message boards about two years ago and it started with 2 peas. I never fit in, or else I felt like I never fit in. Then I found the Fiskateers and was embrassed by the group that it’s my only MB. I love the women on the board, have traveled to meet them in person and vice versa. I am a social person but shy in person, so I have managed to work some of that out being on the message board. I lurk on some other boards but like mentioned before…I have 4 kids and a husband that travels every week…there is not enough time in the world. I check the Fisakteer board here and there during the day when I need a break and play on Facebook at night when I am all alone. Pretty much it. I like people’s personal blogs…there are a few that I try and check on every so often, especially if I got a chance and met them in person.

  25. I don’t do MB anymore either. I have always been one to not have many female friends to begin with… there’s a reason: I hate drama. and I don’t use the word hate often… but i do. I hate it. I am too real and honest to have to pretend to be someone I’m not – to “fit in”. Even as adults, this still happens and I find it offensive and revolting. I am an admitted blog junkie. I love reading blogs. LOVE IT. Feel I have made some “cyber-friends” this way and some writers keep me coming back for more. So – yeah – I’m feelin ya.

  26. I lurk on the Fiskateers still but agree with April G that it has gotten so big its hard to keep up. I mainly use the Bummbleberry crafts forum which is small and drama free and I feel like I am really involved, like a mini club.

    ** Kate **

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