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I was inspired by a dish I had at TGI Friday’s a while back, and know what? It’s sooo good and super quick. These days, what with me working so much fast = good in dinner department. Plus anything with super lean chicken breast (that I actually like) is always welcome here.

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Here’s the deal – soak a chicken breast (or 4) in some caesar dressing. Do it in a plastic bag so you don’t have to use all that much dressing. I poke holes (w/fork) about 6-8x into each breast randomly so it’ll really soak in. After a few hours (or a day or two even) when you’re ready heat up a pan with just a little olive oil. Get it nice and HOT. When ready, take them out and shake off the excess. You don’t want them too wet. Now just brown up  until all cooked and delicious.

For the topping – toss some panko bread crumbs (I like the ‘italian seasoned panko’ for this) into a small pan and add a little butter. Stir until butter is melted and panko is getting toasty. How much you use depends on how many breasts. Just sprinkle it over the top of your chicken breast, then dust with some parmesan cheese and enjoy.

I like spinach sauted with garlic & butter as a side. I love the flavor the dressing gives and the special touch the breadcrumbs + cheese topping makes. It feels much more special than a 15 minute meal!

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  1. Oooh, this sounds good. I’m going to try it. Just in time too. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow.

  2. Sounds good. I just made a post on my FB wall this morning asking friends for recipes for boneless, skinless, chicken breast and here you post one. I thought I’d tried it every way there was, but I haven’t done this. What timing. Thanks

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