scarlet lime kit

I’m trying not to talk about the class I’m working on right now too much. Why? Well because any minute Big Picture is going to open registration and you’ll have tons of info then + I’ll want to talk about it even more. (So I don’t want to use up my posts on it now).

Know what I mean?

Well today I need to enable you and share just one detail – I’m currently working on/with a handout featuring this month’s Scarlet Lime kit. I have this kit in my hands and it feels so decadent to me. Check it out:



(both images from


So if you need an excuse to buy it – you can blame me. Tell yourself that you want to have the kit that I’m going to be using in class. (well, one of them)

I’ll be sharing more about this new class soon (I hope!!) but for now it’s back to creating for me. Over the next week or two I’ll reveal the other kits I’m using in class as well…

4 thoughts on “scarlet lime kit”

  1. You’ve been busy this morning – love the new look! And may I just say you are the worst sort of enabler, LOL? I just ordered my Scarlet Lime kit – which, with shipping to Canada, didn’t come cheap. But it looks fabulous, and I can’t wait for class! Keep talkin’, sister!

  2. what a lovely kit! You know, I never know how to use papers in those shades. What would you use, black and white photos? Love the sewing pattern models. Wowie. I can’t wait for your next class, I’m so signing up!

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