I’ve had people think I don’t like crops. It’s so not true!! I love the socialization and fun of being out with other crafters. I won’t lie – I create infinitely better in the comfort of my home, so when I head out it’s totally for social purposes – like tomorrow!

I just got this cute bag from Studio Calico- totally perfect timing, no? I believe in kitting for crops… I’d say more but you’ll have to read the handout. What do I mean? Well I just finished a handout about kits + cropping for Big Picture. Ah but I drift – let’s get back to the subject at hand!


Here’s my bag. Sparse? YES. In my experience the over-packers get less done because all that sorting through wastes time & you can’t possibly make 40 pages in 5 hours. Even adhering photos to paper takes longer than that! So I pack lite. Maybe enough for 10 pages at MOST. I leave stamps & bulky stuff at home mostly – remember you can always add in finishing touches when you get back. Ok, plus I hate cleaning up a ton when I return home.


A tip if you don’t know anyone? Bring a treat to share and then you can chat it up with other scrapbookers while you share something sweet. I’ll know some people tomorrow, but I’m still bringing  jelly bellies. Who doesn’t need a treat now and then, and served from a vintage jar makes them that much tastier.


I’ll report back in tomorrow night and let you know how it went!

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  1. i love the sc crop bags too. i’m going to stock up next reveal. :]
    and i agree… packing light is the key. otherwise, you just dig through all of your stuff the whole time!

  2. I used to lug one of those huge totes to crops…seldom got anything accomplished…spent more time packing and unpacking than cropping. A dear friend gave me an awesome small bag with several compartments. It’s the only way to go! Have fun at your crop. I’m loving the Recipes class btw!

  3. Oh May – I have NEVER gone to a crop before but I think I am a LOT like you I create so much better at home in the comforts of my happy room. Even if I have a friend over to craft it doesnt seem like we get much done except for talking. I have SO much stuff that I dont know if I could figure out what to take to a crop.

  4. Great tips! And I now make my own “kits” before I even start ANY project….and then I can travel with it if I want (even to move around the house). And it does cut down on trying to find things…if I have pre-planned what goes on my pages. This also means creating my own embellies up front esp. if I want glitter, crackle paint, etc. And I love to create titles ahead too. I’ve become a “planner” scrapbooker. LOL!

  5. I’m intrigued by the SC crop bags… guess I’ll have to check them out LOL.
    I always pack page or project kits for crops – and I have a recipe for that, also! Between planning and judicious choosing of supplies, I can take everything I need for a day’s scrapping in my shoulder tote. In fact it’s such a productive way to work, I sometimes prep page kits for a scrapping blitz at home – as long as I can keep my Muse from wanting to play immediately, as soon as I pick up a set of photos!

  6. I have that same MM rolling tote, actually WON it from them a few years ago. Love it, seeing that Lavender is my favorite color.
    I too go for crops mainly for the social part of it. I usually never get any actual cropping done except at home. These are great tips-TFS

  7. I’ve been to a couple of crops when we used to have a LLS. I found that I spent more time socializing than actually scrapping & never got anything done. lol I may not scrap….but I do enjoy the social part of it. lol

  8. Thanks for the tips! My friends who scrapbook don’t live anywhere near me, so if I go to a crop (which isn’t often), it’s by myself where I know no one, and I’m always really shy and uncomfortable. Bringing sweets is a great icebreaker that I never would have thought of!

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