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I will never forget this one time, at the CHA trade show when I reported to the Fiskars Finest (preferred dealer) event to work. I was to do demonstrations & make ‘n takes with a tool… a tool I’d never even laid eyes on before.

With just fifteen minutes to prepare I was sweating it. What if I couldn’t make it work? What if the tool was hard to use, I look like a dork AND cost the company sales because people don’t think it works?


Well I’ll tell you what happened – once around a 12 x 12 sheet of paper and I fully understood the corner/border combo punch. More importantly? I *LOVED* it. It’s actually easier than standard border punches and having the corner option so that I can go around a whole piece of paper with ease.  I also loved that it’s got ridges so you can easily know where to line up your paper with a minimal amount of effort for perfect punching.


Why am I bringing this up now? Well it’s because Fiskars just released four NEW designs of this punch, and I’m swooning. Loving. salivating even.


This design is called quilted corners. Such a cute little scallop. See how the corner punch and border punch operate separately? I LOVE this feature. The only real ‘rule’ with this punch is that if you want it to work and look right you need to use whole inch increments of paper. It’s designed for that. You can use as long a paper as you like too! When you get to the end of the punch just use the little markings to line up the design and keep going.


To turn the corner, just do a 90 degree turn of paper when it’s just almost to the end like this, and start over.


I’m excited to play with these new designs (you can find them all now at and create. I see so much potential for them!


Now I wonder if you think I should give one away. Thoughts? I’m told I will be getting some extras soon… so you might want to check back in!

19 thoughts on “border/corner combo”

  1. Oh my! This looks awesome! I really like this Quilted Corners one the best with the Lace and Lattice as a close second. I might have to go on a spending freeze soon… to much stuff I want and need, lol!

  2. I haven’t tried the corner/border punch yet. Although you sure make it look easy. I love the Quilted Corners that you showed.

  3. I have wondered about these…I’m going to keep my eye out for the scallop one…I use scallops on nearly every layout.

  4. I just love these punches. They work good for scrapbook pages and cards. I definitely think you should give one of them away 🙂

  5. Aren’t these new tools fantastic! I can’t wait until they start hitting the stores around here. A girl can never have too many tools, right 😉

  6. May – Oh yes I totally am in LOVE with the Fiskars corner/border punch and have all of them. I am thinking I might have to invest in the new ones also. I think a giveaway would be FABULOUS.

  7. Oh I really like the new punches!! Fiskars always has the best punches. One can never have too many!!

  8. I have one and I love it…and their new designs are great. Lucky you, I would love to get one of the new ones.

  9. I haven’t seen any of these yet, so I certainly think you should give one away lol.
    Looks like a great design, nice and easy to use.

  10. definitely should give one away! I thought I was in love with the one with the hearts until I seen this little scalloped one……….it is awesome!

  11. Stop it! Do you hear me? Just stop now! For years I resisted stocking up on a bunch o’ punches, always deciding I could use one of my considerable collection of dies instead. Along came Fiskars border punches – but even then I limited myself to two (it might’ve been just one, until I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with the upper crest design).

    And now here are these stinkin’ cute corner/border lovelies. I’m in the midst of a little studio re-org and only yesterday decided the tiny box I had for my handful of punches would need to be swapped out for one a bit bigger to accommodate those border babies. Now I can see I might as well just throw in the towel, and get the biggest ol’ box my shelf will hold, if Fiskars is going to keep coming out with punches I can’t live without!

    A giveaway? Sure – especially if it’s got my name on it LOL!

  12. I can’t wait to use that scallop border! Love these border/corner punches…so very COOL.

  13. I’ve liked this punch since I first saw it and now after seeing it on your work I love it! Everything looks great! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  14. I am totally in LOVE with the Fiskars corner/border punches and already have them on my “wish” list. I can’t wait to start adding some of these to my Fiskars tool collection. lol

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