aug 22 crop

Angela Daniels, friend, fellow candy lover, and current lead fiskateer invited me to a crop – and for once it works out with my schedule and I’m going!!! Here’s the details – you could join us if you’re in the Bay Area, CA on aug 22!!

If you’re coming do let me know – perhaps I’ll put together some goodie bags…  hmmm.

What should I bring? How will I pack? I’ll share for sure – stay tuned!!

8 thoughts on “aug 22 crop”

  1. Look out Cali… May and Ang together again! Now, that will be fun!

    (wish I could be there )

  2. I’m so excited to hear that you are going. I am planning on going and my friend is now having trouble finding a babysitter so she may have to cancel. It will be nice to see another friendly face, especially if I have to go it alone. I look forward to seeing you there.

  3. Oh, it will be fun to see you there! I’m looking forward to the event. I always pack too much. Restaint Karen, restraint! I’m sure I’ll be having too much fun munching and visiting to scrap!

  4. While you all are tearing up the West coast….I will be attending a crop at CAPTURED MOMENTS in Rotterdam, NY…East Coast, at a 15 hour “California Dreamin'” crop !!….Imagine that !! California is the theme as one of the owners, Tiffany, will be leaving for her California vacation soon after the crop !!

    We always have a lot of fun there and the homemade food is to die for !! Lots of laughs, fun, prizes, smiles and full tummies, not to mention all the creating going on !! The only thing missing ….will be a few more Fiskateers !!!

  5. Oh man, I hate to miss this one! SF is my home away from home since my best friend lives there. She’s not a scrapper or I’d send her your way. Hate to miss out on the fun, but maybe I’ll get a chance another time. Have a blast! I love the smell of the Headlands!

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