(somebody did like blowing out candles, did NOT like having Happy Birthday sung to her- gotta say I’m with her on both counts.)


Welcome to Becca’s 2and birthday. Mickey Mouse and Dora share equal billing, as they are her 2 favorite characters/tv shows/toys. Mickey had plates & napkins, and also cute cupcake stickers atop (yum) Barefoot Contessa coconut cupcakes. Dora stood atop the cake & graced the cupcake wrappers. I don’t think Rebecca could have been happier about it.


She did poke her fingers into the frosting (on cake) this morning and I had to fix it up. It’s ok – I knew she was going to try and “eat eat my Doooo-aaaah cake” at some point.


yellow cake AND chocolate cake – because her majesty, when asked to choose which one said “yes” repeatedly and mommy is a sucker for baking challenges.


She saw this at a friend’s house and went nuts a few weeks back and I suggested to Nana & Papa they might want to look into it. She’s so happy to have her own little vanity & stool.


Big sister got her a set of tiny Mickey books. They are obsessed with tiny books – and already these are a huge hit too. She also got a little bag & bear (hand sewn by great aunt and great grandma), a few more books, and presents from mom & dad yet to be opened. We’re taking our time.


So that’s a glimpse of Miss Rebecca’s 2and birthday. It was nice to have a lunch party with just grandparents & very low-key. Of course I hung streamers and made it “so beuuuu-fuuuul” for her, and now we will spend the rest of the day recovering – much like the day she was born.

16 thoughts on “2”

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Curly Locks! Cutie patootie! Her daddy’s looks sure shine through in this pic!

    (love Barefoot Contessa too! coconut..so yum!)

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. Great photos to go with a great day. Rebecca is growing so fast and is such a little doll!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rebecca!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us. That cake looked yummy by the way.

  4. What a cutie and looks like a great party (dont worry about the singing thing – my nephew was the same way a couple weeks ago on his 3rd birthday)

  5. Thank you for the peek at Lil’ Miss Rebcca’s very Happy 2nd Birthday party~everything is picture perfect… what a great Mom you are, May!

  6. Happy Birthday to Rebecca! I have a little 3 yr old great niece Dakota who’d love that vanity. She’s into Dora too although now that she’s turned 3 she’s starting to edge toward the Disney Princesses. My other 3 1/2 yr old great niece informed me yesterday that she has a Princess backpack. Aren’t little girls awesome!!

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