all done.

ok, not really and not by a long shot! But I did create the last page in my march 09 disneyland album, and that’s the title:


Have you ever gotten rub-ons that are crazy cute, but that crack/tear after applied? Oh, I just hate that! Here’s my solution – I applied a thin layer of liquid sealant/adhesive (PPA by US Art Quest – it rules) over it (matte finish) and we’re all better now. Mr. Owl and me are friends again.


The photos of Rebecca are my favorite of the whole trip because they just totally capture the END. She didn’t take a nap that last day (since we didn’t have a hotel room due to whole check out/driving home that night thing!) so she just rode out the day… and as we strolled back to D-land hotel via downtown Disney she just cracked. passed out. COLD. I ran ahead & took photos – still she slept. Heck, I posed her in front of Mickey at the hotel and she slept. That really cracked me up because he’s pointing down… Elizabeth is like “damn ma, I wanna get in the truck and sleep yo!” and Rebecca remains… asleep.


“all done” is one of Becca’s famous lines (dinner, juice, coloring…) and so I thought it appropriate as our final page.

10 thoughts on “all done.”

  1. Love it! It is the perfect for a final page. Now… a question about the owl: Alyssa’s sorority’s logo is an owl. We are on the lookout for everything owl-ish. Did you make that using your own pattern, or is there a pre-made rub-on made by a specific manufacturer? Please email if you have info – Alyssa would forever be grateful, and I would be, too, since I’m sort of tapped out on this whole owl thing LOL.

  2. That is the cutest picture. I love/hate that part of a trip with kids. You hate that they are missing the end (can you imagine if you fell asleep in disneyland and woke up in a moving vehicle?!) but you love that finally they are asleep! Your shoulders instantly relax and you walk a little slower.
    I also love that owl, great tip for rubons!

  3. ha! i love this. :]
    i’ve never been good about scrapping my disneyland photos because (i know we’ve discussed this…) i can’t stand the idea of getting too theme-y. this page is perfect though! if only best buy still carried the proper ink for my printer so i could stay up and scrap tonight. ah well.
    thanks for sharing this and inspiring. :]

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