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I got (and PLAYED) with my June Scarlet Lime kit today…


I’m thinking about kits a lot lately. Probably because I just submitted a Big Picture proposal for an all new kits: round 2 type class. (don’t tell- I dunno if they’re going to pick it up or not yet!) I can tell you that I have a vacation Project Now class hitting Big Picture this month. Any day now, from what I hear… (and no, this page isn’t a part of it)


note: stitching by Matilda, not Tex. He is not responsible for missed stitches, shoddy spacing, clumpy spots, and lack of pretty tie-up/finish.  He offered to stitch paper, but he’s so pretty and expensive… and Matilda needs to pay her rent. So she does my paper stitching now. (hey- at least she still has a job in this economy!)


It’s fun to scrapbook just because, it’s good for the creative spirit I think. This was a FAST page. 30minutes tops.

Now, I have some BIG and fun projects to go work on…

4 thoughts on “go {layout}”

  1. Gosh I am super impressed that you can receive a kit and on the same day turn it into a layout, I take forever looking for “just the right photo” and things like that – I think perhaps I just need to go with the flow a bit more.

    Fantastic layout, I love the zig zag stitching and the lettering is adorable.

  2. Okay my kit came in and looked once twice and will do so again today. .. that was really fast and I am impressed. I am sure Matilda is happy that she can still work!

  3. Love this layout, everything about it. When I grow up I want to be a 30 minute scrapper, LOL!
    Should you ever decide that Tex is up to multi-tasking (fabric and paper), just remember to keep your paper needles separate from your fabric ones as paper does dull the needle.
    And tell BPS that you’ve got at least one student lined up for that kits class right here!

  4. Great layout. That looks like a nice kit. I like all the layers & variety of embellishments you used on the page.

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