where’s your blog? facebook? (and a new PRIZE)

First off – I’m re-doing my google reader so if you have a blog – PLEASE make sure to comment & share the address. I’d love to add it and read!

Secondly – if you don’t have a blog (or if you do) and you are on facebook let me know how to find you! 🙂

Finally, a new prize. Things have been wonky here (no real worries, just tech. issues) so I’ll be posting some prize winners later today. But now… who wants a prize?

I’m going to put together a summer paper crafting kit. FUN stuff – want it? Leave a comment here. It’s going to be full of bits & pieces, paper, maybe even some stamps!

have a great weekend

50 thoughts on “where’s your blog? facebook? (and a new PRIZE)”

  1. Good Morning, May! Please throw my name in the hat for the “surprise” prize! Well, I’m off to pack my scrap stuff for the Crop today~WHOOHOO!

  2. Hi May, great work on the Fiskars Summer Camp, love checking in for new things….please add my name to the prize drawing! Thanks!

  3. Surprise prize? How fun – thanks for the chance. I do not have a blog but am on Facebook (Christina Savin) and Twitter (interactthis) – not a ton of crafting info yet tho.

  4. Reader is how I keep up with blogs. Thanks to you, actually! Never even heard about it until you mentioned it here a while back.
    Iæm at http://www.leneslilleblog.blogspot.com but Iæm not very good about updating lately.
    On Facebook I’m Lene Hatfield, but again, I’m not a very active member.

  5. always up for a prize. No blog – have facebook but never go to it–don’t understand it.

  6. Always up for a surprise prize, I have to keep my stash stocked as Miss 14 (who also scraps) often shops at Mama’s scrap shop

  7. Fun! I just started a crafty sort of blog and I would love for you to check it out!! It’s http://www.jenmullerrn.wordpress.com
    I’m also on Facebook – I’ll look and try to add you. Or you can add me: Jennifer Muller (avatar is my girlies hugging each other).
    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Well I have just signed up to facebook in the last week – I am not sure how it all works yet but once it works it out I will join you as a friend.
    Put my name in the draw for the prize too please, I am always up for a surprize.

  9. Come on overan visit my blog. I have new kittens and a new room. gojenlaw.blogspot.com. Cool prixe pack May,

  10. Hi May! I know I’m on your reader and since I’ve only been blogging about 6 months I just found my reader last week LOL! I also started using my Facebook just to see if I can keep up with it and my blog………guess we will see. It is only 48 here in Wisconsin and dh just lit the fireplace and this is JUNE???

  11. Hey May! Great blog you have here =) I would love to be entered into your giveaway. No blog though as i don’t have a camera to take photos =/ but I always enjoy looking at other people’s creations! Keep up the great work =) Thanks!!

  12. I have a blog! It’s called Just Jingle and it is random to say the least! I’d love to have you stop by! I have facebook, too, but I’m never on there! I Twitter a lot, though….(JustJingle)

  13. Going to have to check out Google Reader.
    My blog -http://www.karenscorneroftheweb.blogspot.com
    On Facebook Karen Poirier-Brode
    Twitter is LadydocOB
    Always enjoy your posts on all sites

  14. WOW more stuff to share? I have a blog, but its very old and not updated. Really need to work on that…..

    Jenn in Vancouver

  15. I’ve got a blog, but I’ve let it lapse 🙂 It’s because I’m so addicted to facebook that I don’t make time for my blog lately….My blog is raben76325.wordpress.com. You can find me on facebook as Rebecca Ray. I think there are about 500 Rebecca Rays though, so use my email address to look me up (raben_76325@yahoo.com)

  16. Yes, May, I’d like the surprise prize!

    I don’t have a blog, My Space, Facebook, Twitter or any of that cool stuff. I don’t even have an IPod or any of the other “I” things. I think I’m sort of stuck in the 80s. Actually, the most I can really do is post Comments. Not much of a techie but a happy surfer!

  17. OOOOhhhh stamps and surprises! Love it! I could use both!

    No blog for me (yet) but we hooked up on Facebook the other day!

  18. I have a blog but haven’t posted in a longgggg time. : ) hope you are having a great weekend!

  19. Well I am already a friend on Facebook, but here is my blog addy http://floridagirlagain.blogspot.com/

    I have your blog listed on my blog roll – it helps me keep informed of your activities. You always give away the best RAK’s – and I love reading your posts.

  20. I’m still thinking and mulling over starting my own scrappin’ blog. One of these days I’ll get out of the thinking stage and get into the actually doing it stage. : )

  21. I am so in for a summer surprise package. . . and you can find me on facebook as Aunt Chelle. . .

  22. Surprises are good! Summer? hmm…it’s WINTER here down under!! (though where I live you can hardly tell, thanks to our tropical climate!)

    My blog is http://papercrafts.wordpress.com and I’ve friended you in facebook!

    Tamara 🙂

  23. I love the ROCKS layout, good color combo for sure!! Blog in process, just did the facebook things – look for me by my name 🙂 Thanks for the chance at one of your great prizes

  24. Hello May, I don’t have a blog, but I’m on Facebook under Amanda Walter. I’d love to have you on my friends list.

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