for FUN

I thought I’d share my June wish list ‘o fun with you today.


1. Go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk with girls

2. Go “u-pick” olallieberries.

3. Scrapbook more Disneyland stuff – just because.

4. Figure out my new-to-me (Brother nx-600) sewing machine, enjoy the 3hr new machine owner class tomorrow.

5. Did I mention more scrapbooking just because? That’s high on the list!

6. Read the new Plum mystery coming. June 23. woo hoo!!!

7. Sew myself a skirt or dress (with above mentioned machine)


8. Read at least 4 of these books sitting in my studio waiting TBR (to be read). Dying for Chocolate will be a gym cardio read- I think it’s fitting to read such a title while burning calories.

That’s eight fun things I can think of for June. From now on I’m making more FUN lists – and sticking to them same as I do the work lists!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new give away, scrapbook layout (just for fun), and winners from previous contests. Have something fun you’re doing this month? Have a summer reading suggestion? You know I’d LOVE to hear it!!

13 thoughts on “for FUN”

  1. I rearranged my house b/c the girls wanted to share a room. Now I have a new scrap room.

  2. love your fun list. i made one the other day too. :]

    i hope your sewing class goes better than mine did. the instructor got sick about 5 minutes in, and no one in the store really handled the situation the way i thought they should have… at least let me know if i can come back for another class! so i left a bit frustrated without learning anything… i think that set the stage rather poorly for the whole sewing thing for me, but i’m working on it now. :]

  3. I don’t know how you find the time for everything and still sleep!

    I can’t wait for the new Plum either!

  4. Just saw Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali at the Paramount Theatre. They are both characters and what you see on tv is really the way they are. Except in person their language is much more “colorful”. That was my fun thing for the month!

  5. I am reading “Marley & Me”.. doing it alittle backwards, as I already watched the movie. I am doing alittle scrapping. And, I am leaving next Wed for DisneyWorld. Going from temps in the 70’s to high 90’s! Won’t that be a shock to the system!! 🙂

  6. This month I have three Saturday Crops that I plan to attend, so I am one happy camper! That is my big personal Getaway/Me Time, and I really look forward to those event for my social outlet and for the fun of getting to play with my “stuff”. I am a new Cricut owner and got to borrow a few cartriges at the last Crop I attended~ WOW that was fun… like a kid with a new toy!
    I am not a big “reader”, so I don’t have any good books to fill you in on~sorry! I do love to read blogs, and yours is one of my favorites. I feel like you are my friend even though we have never met… being a stay at home Mom, I like to feel connected to nice people that share my interests!

  7. May, have you read Davidson’s books before? I LOVE her stuff! Dying for chocolate is a good one! They are ALL good! Goldy is a wonderful character and they are so easy to read!

  8. May, you should get on the website It is a great site to track which books you have read and want to read. It also has tons of reader reviews and book groups you can join. I love it!! Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? The books are a little long, but totally worth it if you like historical fiction(with a sci/fi twist and some romance thrown in for good measure!)
    My fun thing for the month is a camping trip we are taking next weekend. It will be my two year olds first camping experience!

  9. I love your list – especially the the New Stephanie Plum book – Finger Lickin Fifteen – June 23rd you will find me at a the nearest bookstore for sure!!

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