to the land flu hit.

miss E is suffering from cold/flu (kind of a combo- though I lean towards flu on this bad boy) as of yesterday late afternoon…


… and I think dot, dot, dot says it all. I got maybe 3hrs sleep last night and am starting to feel strain.

I’ll be back. When my brain is clear for writing and I can gather thoughts without being interrupted…

11 thoughts on “welcome…”

  1. Sorry to hear one of your little ones is sick. Hopefully it won’t get passed around the whole family. Get some rest where ever you can find it.

  2. Definitely not necessary to visit dr- she’s keeping fluids + bread down just fine + has very barely fever- not even enough to justify Tylenol.

    She just has been really sensitive (stomach), and cold/flu symptoms just bad enough to keep her from sleeping well.

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