note: below is my journal where I’m working out my next Big Picture adventure. It’s in the very early stages- but it’s very exciting. I just thought you might enjoy seeing a glimpse of the process + a fictitious letter I wrote to a cranky (unnamed) teacher…

Dear high school English teacher,

You made me rip apart novels. Talk about hidden meanings and so much jibberish I thought for sure I’d die of boredom. I fought back by getting A’s and also doodling when I should have been taking notes and paying attention.


What would you say if I told you that my flower doodles are a vital part of my creative process? What if you knew that my swirly-do’s are used in my scrapbook pages and that they’ve been in published and class pages? huh? It’s true, my horses and landscapes aren’t getting any attention – yet – but all those flowers seem to be a skill I need today.

Life lesson learned: my doodle time + list making in high school was definitely spent well. Had I been listening more carefully to the dissection of Heart of Darkness or Lord of the Flies, would that really have benefited me today? I sure hope not!

4 thoughts on “doodle.”

  1. Pretty funny..I know I had a teacher like that…and I wish I would have written him a letter like that one. I am not so sure he would care.

  2. You go, girl! You are a star that shines brighter than any other star in the universe! Shine On!

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