don’t mind me. I’m just here. Clawing my way up one side of my to-do list and back to sanity.


Or, at the very least a clean slate and creative time this weekend! (Sanity is over-rated anyhow)

9 thoughts on “uh…”

  1. Oh me too! Now that we know when and where (city) we are moving…things have just got insane. Still have to find an apartment, finish up school here (husband), etc. Haven’t had a lot of time to just chill and create!

  2. Sanity is overrated! I’ve got a busy weekend of seeing how they make maple syrup and looking at more houses ahead of me! YIKES my camera is going to be busy isn’t it?

  3. Dude. That desk reminds me a LOT of mine. : ) Hope your weekend is fun and productive!


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