Disneyland, E’s take:

* Fairies are tiny, so why are the fairies at disneyland grown-up size? That was scary!

* Cotton candy rules.


* Wearing a princess (or fairy) dress just makes everything more fun!

* Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn seemed like good ideas at the time, but I ended up very scared and I’ll try again when I’m a grown up (like maybe 7 years old)

* Sleeping Beauty likes pink (like me). I like her but sometimes I get shy with princesses. (Becca wore my old cinderella dress. She’s a cute baby)


* One stuffed animal isn’t enough. I wanted so many! Darn mommy and daddy for making me pick just one!!!

* I miss Disneyland already.

11 thoughts on “Disneyland, E’s take:”

  1. Sneaky, May! That was a smart move, though. If I knew you were gone (and I knew were you lived) I might have raided your Scrap supplies!

    Your Princesses are so cute… I hope you got a good picture of one of them wearing the Minnie hat you made over. That turned out great!

  2. Ohhh i wannnnnted to gooooo 🙁 I’ve still never been and it’s only a 12 hour drive for me.. Looks like your ladies had a BLAST and the photos are great! bet you can’t wait to get them into pages! 🙂

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