This year we skipped a big party with all the trimmings, and instead kept it simple for our darling Miss E. Starting with a chocolate sprinkleĀ  donut and special balloon at breakfast.


Followed by playing with sister (and her favorite lunch- a costco hot dog!) Oh, and presents being opened as she felt like it.


and ending with…


Just a reminder that great birthday does NOT have to = big production. It was a fun and relaxing day for everyone, and the birthday girl even got to stay up LATE (8pm) so she could see one of her favorite shows on the Discovery Channel. Exterminators. (yeah, she’s a weird one)


PS- the cupcakes are white cake with pink jimmies in them for added pizazz. Then frosted with butter-cream or chocolate. She couldn’t decide so I did both. The whole tower is topped off with some my little pony birthday stuff I found months ago and knew would make cute cupcake tower decorations.

good times.

18 thoughts on “4”

  1. sounds like a great day!
    and i have to agree with her, sometimes a costco hot dog really hits the spot. for me it’s only about twice a year, but still. :]

  2. Looks like great birthday fun! As I watch these girls growing through your pictures I can hardly believe how big they are already getting. These are beautiful and sweet little girls!

  3. Looks like a great party! Don’t you just love the Wilton cupcake tree? I got one on clearance after Christmas and love using it. Happy Birthday, Miss E!

  4. Cute…love that you too believe that it doesn’t always have to be over the top to be special. Relaxed days are some of my very favorites. Oh and thank you for calling them jimmies…thought I may be one of the only ones who does.

  5. Great idea to use the cupcake tower. I saw one at Christmas on sale and seeing this I regret not buying it. Sounds like She had a fun birthday.

  6. I love the little pony cupcake decor! What a fantastic idea! I think I’ll use that for my daughter’s next birthday – brilliant!

  7. awe such adorable little ones you have – and I love the Lil Pony CupCake tower – just yummy!!

  8. was her birthday on the 25th because that was my son’s birthday too (we had dragons). Love the pictures and what you did with the cupcakes.

  9. Happy #4!! At this age the brithdays are almost as much fun for the grown ups as the kids, aren’t they? Looks like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls with us!

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