It’s time for a weekend random things post, but first a THANK YOU for all the support and kind words as I get healthy. It’s a good program I’ve got myself on, and for the first time in many months I’ve lost weight. (just 10 days in- and 3lbs down. I’m thrilled!) Ok, so back to the random list.

First, here’s my favorite no-calorie cupcake:


I’m working on an apron, but it’s (whine) hard. And I need more fabric.


Elizabeth’s obsession: the fancy nancy books. She’s posh, polite, and always dressed to clash if you asked me. (but we still love her)


a very special person sent me a care box of Damask patterned glorious fabulous totally neccessary stuff. Gotta find homes for everything!


finally, I’ll be here a lot this weekend. It’s the closet in the studio… and it’s scary as the Haz Mat tape suggests.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love the cupcake clothes – I got those same ones for my daughter! She also loves the Fancy Nancy books – especially the Posh Puppy – I think we read it a thousand times a day. Seriously.

  2. She’s a cutie! I think if I had a daughter we’d be in love with Fancy Nancy…I love her and I’m an adult! 😉 Hoping to get my own apron done this weekend…been putting it off since Christmas…

  3. Such a sweet little cupcake! I think if I had a daughter we’d love Fancy Nancy…I already do! 😉 Hoping to finish my own apron this weekend…we’ll see.

  4. Love that little cupcake sweater & such a cute model you have to show it off. Good luck on your apron. I too need to work on my closet this weekend. It looks nice & neat but for some reason I’m missing a couple things that I know I put in there.

  5. I don’t know how you always find such cute clothes for your kids that emulate your scrapbook style (cupcakes, owls, deer, etc). They are so sweet and that sweater is adorable on her!

  6. Congratulations on the 3-pounds. That’s great!!

    That sweater is adorable. Where is it from? I have a little girl at my house that would make a cute no-calorie cupcake too!

    I totally need that tape on my scrap closet door too.

  7. Your cupcake is so stinkin’ adorable! Just makes me smile. You’re blessed to have such beautiful girls!

  8. Too cute! Love your calorie free cupcake. Congrats on the weight loss. Gotta love your door. I so need some of that tape for my door. lol

  9. wow…your little one looks absolutely darling in this photo…congrats on sticking with your getting healthy plan

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