hello December

It snuck up on me- how about you? Miss E is jumping up and down because advent calendar starts today, I’m back to working on my next BPS class (to be revealed within a week or so!), and we’re cleaning up the tremendous mess we made decorating our home for December.

Good times all around friends.

Well the glue gun was found, so I’ll be working on my boxes/decor centerpiece today and tomorrow. I’m very excited about it getting back on track!! I’m also working on a bunch of other fun stuff to share with you this month including give-aways, more fun canvas projects, lots more etsy fun and funk, books I love, scrapbook layouts, and of course holiday recipes and more.

Are you ready for December?

Ready or not, it’s here!!!

PS- winners to be drawn this evening for the weekend prizes…

8 thoughts on “hello December”

  1. How exciting – I havent started decorating yet because I keep finding myself pulled to my scrapbook room instead of getting Christmas totes out. lol

  2. No..I am in no way ready! It’s here again, already!

    Geez..no matter how hard I try, it always sneaks up on me. I did do a little online shopping this morning.

    The rain has changed over to snow flurries, so that will help get me in the mood..or at least one can hope so!

  3. I actually had a “leg up” on the holiday decorating this year! I took the “Cut The Crazy Out Of Christmas” class at BPS and that planner has been a lifesaver! Of course the fact that we have recently moved and it’s a different house to decorate has gotten to me just a little! Sounds like fun all around May and I can’t WAIT to see your next class! I’ll be there!

  4. December snuck up on me this year! I am so not ready. Once we get the tree up it will feel more like the holidays. Can’t wait to see what your next class is.

  5. I don’t know how it happens but every year December & Christmas sneak up on me. I’ve got 2 family birthday’s this month along with Christmas & I haven’t even started to shop. (Well, I shouldn’t say that as I do have a few things for DS)

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