today at Fiskars Crafts-

Normally I’m just behind the scenes, but when I was told we’d do holiday gifts this month I jumped in and made a fun little project to share. I created the project of the day on Fiskars today! Representing dogs and their place in holiday giving.


You can see the instructions and more photos here:

8 thoughts on “today at Fiskars Crafts-”

  1. That is so cute May! Makes me wish that we still had a dog so that I could create it! Unfortunately our dog died 2 years ago this past August on the same day we brought our twins home from the hospital. Hmmm maybe I could make it for my brother and his wife though, they are adopting a new dog!

  2. This is too cute! It makes me really miss my dog Nikita who passed away in January of this year. I still miss her everyday. She would have loved this.

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