Fun with Claudine

I’m taking a class over at SIS taught by the fabulous Claudine Hellmuth and I’m really enjoying myself. It’s just a 3 day class, and I love that it’s a bunch of techniques  that I can try now, then use on my own projects later. LOVE techniques!!


As you know I am not good with ‘rules’ in crafting, so I’m kind of taking things my own direction in her class- FUN! I will show you the full project when I finish it. I’m going to frame it up- you’ll see. :o)

Now I’m back to paint and multi-medium. Have a fabulous evening!

PS- before I forget. Did you know Claudine has a new book coming out in January? I’m crazy excited- I just ordered a copy  on Her first 2 books are fabulous- I’m sure this is no different!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Claudine”

  1. hey I’m taking that class too! It’s so fun playing with paint and stuff and getting messy. The only problem is keeping my two, two year olds from”helping” mommy

  2. This looks so FUN! I’m starting to get into the “messy” techniques…I’m slowly learning to let go and enjoy it.

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