brocade and damask

First off, sometimes I see these terms used and I get one confused from the other. Let’s start with this:

–noun 1. fabric woven with an elaborate design, esp. one having a raised overall pattern.

-noun 1. a reversible fabric of linen, silk, cotton, or wool, woven with patterns.

Yeah, neither of those help me much. Even the wikipedia pages for damask and brocade don’t help much in defining things. Seems pretty broad spectrum if you asked me. Oh well, I won’t worry about defining them. I’ll just love. See, recently I realized that I’m collecting more and more fabric and decor items that have a brocade style pattern on them (though a few say ‘damask’) and I am getting downright girl-crushy on it all.


The above Heidi Grace pattern can be found in fabric as well as paper. YUM.


This MM brocade makes me want to sip tea and watch Pride & Prejudice and Emma on repeat.


Check these dishes from Target. They list them as “damask” pattern. They make me happy and they are HIGH on the wish list I’ve got going.


Finally, check these pink paislee rub-ons. (SWOON)

I could keep going all day, and it’s interesting to me that I’m only just now noticing how much I love and collect brocade and damask stuff. I’m on the prowl now for some stamps and fabric too. Yes, I will be keeping my eyes wide open. But first, off to create something with supplies I have here on hand!

7 thoughts on “brocade and damask”

  1. Lovely! There is certainly something to a bold damask that just gets to me…especially in black and white! Our bedspread is black and white damask from Target…love it.

  2. I bought the HG one in the summer and I loved it. And the target dishes, I saw them in a mail ad and seriously thought about getting new dishes. He, he, I love it when other people share the same mental wavelength. I am heading out tomorrow and see if they still carry the MM version. I really like it.

  3. I think those are cool dishes…but I don’t think I can convince my DH to get me them! Oh well! THey are beautiful…those that get them are lucky!!

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