A 3 year old slept in my bed sniffling and coughing and keeping me 1/2 awake. That’s ok, it’s all part of the mom gig. But I was totally confused this morning because it seemed I was trapped in weird time. My body said I slept in, the clock said I didn’t.

But… the downstairs clock confirmed I did sleep in.

then, the computer told me I didn’t.

and my cell phone agreed with the cable box and the computer.

Just as I was going to google my odd time issues to check if daylight savings happened or something I got a text from the Mr. that confirmed: daylight savings added 1hr to this day.

So here’s my question. If I had an extra hour today, and the clock says it’s only 8pm, why didn’t I get anything done past 9am? HUH? Why did I never make it into craft?

weird. Hoping to not get stuck in groundhog day type scenario tomorrow. I’ve got work to do!

4 thoughts on “huh?”

  1. Sounds like my day! I even went so far as to get undressed and get in the shower at noon to try and get myself started over again! Yikes…

    What a day!

    (at least it’s much lighter out now when my DD leaves for the bus at 6:40 am ! )

  2. I felt way more tired at the end of the day and felt like I lost time rather than gained it. Weird day I suppose.

  3. Sounds just like my day except the kid in my bed was 2 kids both 2 years old!! I never even got out of my pj’s yesterday!

  4. I totally know what you mean, I did the same thing but kinda opposite I got up thinking i had slept in, but not like I usually do, but i got up 1 hr early anyway, then when I really found out what time it was, I had got up 2 hrs early…. It made for a very long day !!!

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