nov 1

good  morning.

why yes, this is my breakfast. Isn’t it the official November 1st breakfast of moms everywhere? Here I am…

Alright, so that’s not actually how I look.¬† this is me in costume yesterday. I’m a mom who’s totally given up on herself (physically). My shirt was all stained, and I used make up to paint on big bags under my eyes as well as making myself scary eyebrows (that don’t show up good in pics but were terrifying!)

Why would I dress up as this? Well Jason likes to poke fun at me if I wear pj pants all day or something that he “can see I’ve gone ahead with the plan to give up”. Of course it’s mostly because this is categorically NOT true. I joke once in a while that it’d be more fun to just give-up (especially if it meant I could eat sweets ALL DAY)… but I couldn’t ever actually do it. Except for Halloween!

I wish I’d had a ratty old robe, but I just have this new-ish one. (my first, actually!)

This is Jack- my jack-o-lantern! Love how it came out.

and finally here are the girls (with friend from across the street) waiting for Halloween to start! Lots of fun was had yesterday, and we’ve got a big bowl ‘o chocolate just calling my name now.

I love November.

More weekend posts, prize winners, and NEW stuff too… it’s a stay home and create weekend…

13 thoughts on “nov 1”

  1. hehehehehe I laughed when I saw that pic of you May!! What an awesome costume! At first I thought OMG how could she post a pic like that!!! HEHEHEHE

  2. I love your costume May!!! And that jack o lantern was way cool too! And like you my husband pokes fun at me when he comes home to find me still in my pj’s! Glad to know I’m not the only one who enjoyed a piece of candy with her coffee this morning.

  3. My daughter dressed that way last year for Halloween! I almost did last night and now wish I had because we had a record number of kids come by!

    Cup o’ coffee looks yummmy!

  4. I’m such a bad Mom, that’s what the KIDS had for breakfast, too! (Well, not the coffee…) Nov. 1st is a traditional day for “hair of the dog” candy breakfast at our house…. it helps with the “hangover”!

    Your girls’ Fairy costumes are so cute! And I have the PERFECT robe for you~too bad it’s too late. I should make myself burn it tonight as a ritual “I’m not letting myself go” ceremony. You look the part, with all that make-up!

    Jack the pumpkin is way cool~love Nightmare Before Christmas!

  5. The girls are so cute. I really love your costume and that pumpkin is just spooky cute.

  6. Fab! We had planned to do Jack Skellington on our white pumpkin…but never got around to it. Maybe next year?

  7. I can’t eat chocolate in the morning…I don’t know how you do it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Jack-O-Lantern! I’ll have to recreate it next year (if I remember).

  8. I hate to admit it, but some days I look like your costume….my babies wear me out!
    But, on a great note, I went to a crop with page kits all set up and finished 15 layouts. I have your great kit class to thank!
    And, your breakfast was very similar to mine!

  9. Wow!!! Quite the costume you created May! I bet hubby had a good laugh over that one. lol The girls look so cute in their costumes. Can’t wait to see the layouts you create with these pics.

    Enjoy your breakfasts while you can, soon the kids grow up and no longer go out trick or treating which is the end of the candy hauls. I miss that part now that DS is all grown up. Mind you he did get dressed up but since he was at a friends place, I didn’t get to see what he looked like. I hope he took pics!!

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