So Friday (of course) I took miss E down to the theater to watch High School Musical 3, as promised for the last few months. She’s been OBSESSED with going ever since she saw a trailer a long time ago, and every day for the last month  I’ve heard how we’re going. Gonna have popcorn. soda. chocolate. Oh, and see HSM3.

She had asked daddy for her own $ for ticket, popcorn, soda, etc. so that she didn’t have to use my money. (silly girl!) Of course good daddy that he is he obliged. This is us leaving for the movies.

So, how was it? E danced and smiled and was totally enthralled the whole time. I have to say- I really enjoyed it as well. Of course I enjoyed 1 and 2 as well. It’s no secret I love happy/cheery/Disney-esque stuff so this comes as no surprise. 3 was definitely bigger (costume and dancer wise), and without giving anything away to somebody who hasn’t seen it and wants to I’ll just say I like how they wrapped it all up. Fun music of course, and I was loving the colors and sparkle and costumes.

I have already been informed that I am to “get on computer and buy DVD… please?”, and I’m sure we will when it comes out. I’ll probably keep it in the studio too. You know, to keep it safe…

12 thoughts on “HSM3”

  1. You both look Great and she looks sooo excited !!!!!! My boyfriends niece is obsessed also with HSM so Im sure Ill no problem christmas shopping for her.

  2. May I am also a fan HSM 1 & 2 and my granddaughter really wants to go to HSM 3. Looks like Miss E was very excited with her own money!

  3. How sweet ! Glad you both enjoyed some alone time! My kids are wanting to see it too 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  4. that is just too cute! Great scrapbook photo right there and well the ticket stub also! I’m glad the movie is good and that E enjoyed it soo much 🙂 Happy Monday!

  5. Look how cute the two of you look and Miss E looks so proud of that money in her hand! LOL we have the DVDs of I and II but have not seen them yet I guess maybe I should dig them out while he is at work.

    It is always a good idea to keep the DVD’s safe. . . I have a pile that are just mine to watch when I want.

  6. Ahhh – that picture of you two is adorable! I have both HSM 1& 2 in my Netflix queue – since I haven’t watched either yet (I know – horror!)

  7. Very cute picture…I’ll have to remember to get my daughter to ask Dad for money too…I hardly ever carry cash on me. Can’t wait for those days to do daughter and Mommy things!!

  8. What a cute picture! Miss E definately looks proud of her money. I can see another great LO in the works.

    I’ve seen HSM 1 & 2 on tv so I’ll probably just wait for 3 to come out that way too since I rarely go to the show.

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