let the holidays begin!

I like to prepare for the holidays early so that when December rolls around I don’t feel rushed. I created a holiday planner for the fiskateers blog, and with the leftovers I went ahead and made some super simple things to start my gift wrap stash.

Stamps, rain dots, and die cuts on a kraft jewelry box. Loving this one the most.

the USX is one of my favorite tools- on this bag I used the star template in different sizes to decorate the bag.

Simple? Yes. But it adds a little homemade fun to my gift wrap box and this will be two gifts that won’t require much time for wrapping!

11 thoughts on “let the holidays begin!”

  1. And here I was thinking I was organised because I have started making cards and have brought a couple of gifts – you have already started preparing wrapping… You astound me with everything you manage to do including bringing up your lovely daughters.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas, I have some bags around that I might just get ready for those “emergency” gifts that need quick last minute wrapping.

  2. Great job on these May thinking I have not even started and it will be holiday time before I know it!

  3. Wow, love your projects!

    Thank you so much for hosting the crop on the Fiskateer website! It rocked, nice to have you back for awhile! Hope to see you there again!

  4. Love the box! I’m thinking ahead too! Trying to anyway! I’d like to get a jumpstart on all things holiday! I really hope to make all my Christmas cards this year…and the kids want to help!

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