sew. sew. sew.

Sewing. I need to tell you that you’re going to see a lot more of it + projects here on the blog.

Genetically I should be able to sew, and I keep telling myself that. I come from a long line of ladies that are bad ass with a needle and thread. I’m trying to tap into my inner sewing goddess, and starting to have a little success. FINALLY I figured out why I’ve never had much success. My biggest obstacle is that I want to go faster, not measure, not pre-plan, etc… and sewing is the opposite. I’ve done quite a few “rogue” sewing projects that planning was minimal on, but my fingers want to make more. So we’re (my brain + my fingers) working on two projects. I am going to try to enjoy the slower paced, more planned type of crafting. Yes, I purchased an apron pattern.

Ok, so I actually bought the pattern a month ago but I’m ready to give it a whirl. While I was in the fabric store today though I got a sudden (mental) smack upside my head that reminded me that I don’t know what I’m doing. So I got a magazine that had simple projects + patterns. Cool. That’s a good start.

I had Rebecca with me and I decided to make her a SIMPLE blanket with satin edge. When I saw the care bear fabric (her nickname is ‘bear’) then I knew I really had it.

So my question to you if you’re reading and so inclined- what sewing tools are must have? I looked at that wall today at JoAnne’s and I could not decide what in the heck I needed, so I’m staying with the basics I already have and will take it one project at a time. I think I’ll start with the blanket… 4 straight lines sounds easier than an apron.

Ooh- and stay tuned tomorrow… I’ve got a prize to upload…