lemon cupcake

history: last fall I meant to have some friends over and bake scones, etc… that didn’t happen. But I still have this jar of lemon curd, and it needs to be used. (super tart- almost jelly-like consistency. VERY good with the right pastry or baked good)

So, cleaning out my cupboard I notice that it expires next week I got it out along with cream cheese frosting, lemon cake mix, and walnuts to make super easy cute yummy cupcakes. Like this:

cut off the top- angle the knife a bit as desired. Then spread a thin layer of lemon curd + thin layer of frosting + a few fine chopped walnuts (optional). Then seal it back up.

Then to be fancy I either put some finely chopped walnut on top- OR a dollop of that lemon curd that is so fantastic.

I’m off to enjoy with a cup of tea… oh yeah.

Think this is sweet? When I’m done eating I’m putting together some prizes to give away here… stay tuned!!