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My home page was forever the fiskateer backsite where I could approve comments, check in, etc. Now that I’m not a lead… what should my home page be? I have discovered and set up my home page as igoogle now. LOVE IT. Fun stuff to see, always different, and I finally realized the time saving thing I needed most in life. the blog reader feed thingie so it pops up updates on the blogs I read. I don’t have to click through my list taking HOURS longer. I never read the blogs I want because it takes too dang long, then there’s no updates and I’m irritated and give up. Now? I log on-line and instantly know who’s blogged. So my point: would love to add you to my feed subscriptions- just leave a comment with your blog addy so I can cut/paste from my e-mail (where your comment goes) to my browser. Look forward to reading more blogs now!!!