my current show-

I never watched Sex & the city on HBO. Why? We don’t have HBO! Instead, after they were all available on DVD and I was pregnant and in bed I rented them. Oh, it was love at first season. One night I stayed up the ENTIRE night without realizing it because I was so busy watching (and loving) every episode.

This introduced me to the concept- and love- that I have of watching TV on dvd verses trying to keep up with all the shows and having to wait for the next episode. No need to wait for me- I got to see every last episode on my terms. I devoured it, and loved it.

Now last year I watched the Gilmore Girls, only difference is that this time I had netflix!!! Ah the joys, and the pain when netflix didn’t deliver on the exact date I wanted! But still- I loved the show and enjoyed watching at my own pace.

In case you’re wondering why I’m writing about shows I have watched, it’s because I’ve now got a new show. Alias. Oh I really like Sydney. I like the whole girl spy scene. Ever since Nancy Drew. I had been thinking that I was in need of a good girl spy/bad ass in my life. I’ve read Olivia Joules too many times to count, and there aren’t any movies that I’m crazy about… so I thought I’d try out Alias. No it’s not realistic and my husband would HATE it. That’s a good thing. It’s enjoyable for me though- and that’s all I care about when it comes to TV in my DVD player.

problem? Season 2 disk 2 didn’t arrive today. That means there is no Sydney to stay up late and scrap the night away with me.

{insert mini-pity-party and pout here}

 Now what am I going to watch? One of the things I love about the Alias DVD’s is that it’s a 4-episode block. Changing the DVD every 3 1/2hrs, not every 1 1/2 like a movie!!! I just don’t know what I’ll do now. In case you haven’t figured out what I’m saying here… I *MUST* have TV/movie on to listen to while I create. If I am not insprired to watch something, then I’m unable to start creating.

freaky, no?

wish me luck…