FIRST: October Afternoon/jelly belly prize winner kimberlee #2494. Shoot me an e-mail mflaum@comcast.net to claim your prize. Now onto my regularly scheduled post…

How it started:

MANY of my friends told me I “need” to get into the plum series. I bought “one for the money” a year ago. Finally in January I read it. 1/2 way through I knew I was in the heat of a new literary love afair and logged onto amazon.com to purchase every single plum book. (thank you Christmas $$!) I then got sick, threw my back out, etc. so I had quite a bit of time and license to lay around. What did I do? In less than a month I read every single one. Loved every single minute.

What I wanted: When I finished #13 I discovered that a new one was due in June. Oh how long to wait. Oh well. I made a plan. I’d re-read the plum series #1-13 (plus in between books) starting June 1 to refresh my memory.

what happened: travel, work, illness, work, new opportunities, girlie fun with daughters, day trips, work, and have I mentioned work?

conclusion: NO WAY will I wait, read through all 13 novels (it would only take about a week- I read fast), and then read #14.

No, I’m going to get on a plane to St. Paul with this book in hand. This is going to be one flight I really look forward to. I’d really like to thank Janet Evanovich for releasing this book just 2 days prior to my trip so that I’ll be able to read it slowly and at my leisure. Nobody pulling my leg, needing food or attention. Nope. I will be allowed something most moms are never allowed. A few hours of total selfishness. Just a solo traveler with the book I’ve been waiting for… and some junk food because who can read plum and not want junk food?

good times. and what a treat for me.