orange, pink, and girls

mom is nuts. we have to coordinate because she feels like a photo shoot today? ugh. Wonder if we could get something out of it… hmm…

what? Macaroni for dinner? I guess we could say cheese…

Nothing perfect- but REAL and therefore beloved all the same. loving the warm weather and orange + pink on the wee girls. No time for fancy draped photo shoot today- just a front porch snap-shot-fest… all of 3min long.

14 thoughts on “orange, pink, and girls”

  1. Totally adorable! Just love the expression on Rebecca’s face ! They are beautiful girls…enjoy every single minute that you can while they are small. They’ll be in school here shortly!

    Totally lovin’ the pink and orange!

  2. Too Cute-they’re adorable-how could take a bad photo of two such cute girls!! Everything has to come out looking good with them on it!!

    Good luck prepping for your class!!

  3. Love the colors on the girls. Someone above mentioned sherbert and they are so right. The girls are too cute in their summer outfits 🙂

  4. Adorable girls in orange! I bet these pics would go great with the sunrise smoothie papers at cloud9. 😉

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